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EPIC: Fox News Pranked by Fake “Former Obama Supporter”

On May 7, 2015, in Commentary, by FormerObamaSupporters

speaking of how do you know when a foxnews is telling the truth this is one of my fox news clips in the history of this show lewis we've had a lot of a lot of g_m_'s imean this is a gen believe me this you know how fox news is justcompletely feverish about trying to figure out any new waited he critical of president obama they decided to have this guy on maxrice who was a former obama supporter he voted for obama in two thousand eight but he's now disenchanted with thebombing is gonna be voting for mitt romney in twenty twelve well it turns out that it was justcompletely fake number one the kid wasn't even all the nafta vote in two thousand is far as i can tell andit was just a complete fake then he goes on is interviewed by gretchen carlson and he calls her miss america or missu_s_a_ whenever she was uh.

amid something winner back when she was younger sheik really starts getting irritatedright away and it's just unbelievable that this even happened isle of it you gotta love the stuff let's get tothe video louis the fourth that swing former obama supporters the young peopleto the wrong and i think i mean now is busy college grad max rice devoted to president obama out he's unemployed and stand just moved out ofhis parent's home good writing former since you're so its not ur i miss america decided not close enoughamerica universe in my book marva archival well thank you very much but tell me your story you believed inuh.

the hopping change at some of that obama into you voted for him in and tellme about bid next ross does use robots for turnstiles may not know better thanthird-rate nothing i think that a copy of the millions of morales little and why in our recent nor was it wasn'twhite harry supporting the dog while much foreign at her home is up totwenty story a lost a basketball game to a friend of mine alex there is a huge support of the showbiz okay so it sounds like you're not beingvery some also has also disappointed in either direction that obama said hisnation we noted has some about permit rahman and i'm sure that you had to go back tome with your parents have to graduate from college only after westinghouse for grass oriraq or not there's a summer macromol independent on one that's not to be fromdoing good slaughter okay well are you being serious about thisinterview or not right you can tell that to a question unless your case analysis so weird all right let's say we're going to wrapthis up now that is a message that you know we are totally serious aboutthailand where where where where way way yet another cannot say that you're readyfor for prime time he said wicked and radical uninhibited thefunniest thing of it but they're all of people minutes the realize he's nottaking it seriously didn't you notice when the fact that hewasn't even eighteen when he when the life of the lastelection happened would be an indication he never voted for obama alright fox news producers were sofeverishly trying to get anyone on to criticize the president and anyway theycan find they didn't even bother check how willthis kid is amazing lewis yeah uh.

and by the way when he pulled out a copyin the middle of the interview in third drinking it instead of answering your questions isthat not assigned he's not taking it seriously makes you want to try thismyself of course he was set up with a camera and everything to so it's not like this is just a quickphone call either right now that the other interests of setup involved therewas absolutely said he's having coffee during the interview gretchen is nottaking it seriously you don't need to manage the figure that out brilliant absolutely brilliant beatriz any anyminimum amount of back checking would have eliminated this possibilityfrom happening.

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Hi Mr Obama, I'm a supporter of yours but I'm a little worried.

See this can of Budweiser Water? I'm a little scared about it Mr President Obama.

They're shipping it to people up in New Jersey and stuff.

I know people in the northeast are outta supplies and stuff and need water to drink and all, but them Budweiser people are turning beer into water? Ever heard of WWJD Mr President? Jesus wouldn't do THAT! He wouldn't turn beer into water, he had it goin on the other way.

You gonna help us out on this one Mr President? Anyone else a little worried about this?.

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Obama Supporters Endorses Communist Karl Marx for President in 2016 Election. Produced by Mark Dice. Filmed in San Diego, California. Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

Mark’s YouTube channel has received over 95 million views and his viral videos have been mentioned the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the Washington Times, and other media outlets around the world.

He has been featured on the History Channel’s Decoded and America’s Book of Secrets, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more.

Mark Dice is the author of several popular books on secret societies and conspiracies, including The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True, The New World Order, Facts & Fiction, Inside the Illuminati, The Resistance Manifesto, and Illuminati in the Music

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Even a leftist media columnist recognizes the insanity of leaking operational secrets for the sake of puffing up Obama as tough on foreign policy. This administration may be the worst foreign policy disaster since Neville Chamberlain.


Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT. Seriously. They Did. Watch.
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Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives. Check out Mark’s books in paperback on Amazon.com or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Google Play.

Mark frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world.

Several of Mark’s YouTube videos have gone viral, earning him a mention on ABC’s The View, Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, CNN, Drudge Report, TMZ.com, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post’s Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major

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OUTRAGEOUS! Watch him laugh at her. He thinks it’s SO FUNNY!

Velma Hart, National Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer of AMVETS:

“I’m one of your middle-class Americans, and quite frankly I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. I had been told that I voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. I’m one of those people and I’m waiting, sir. I’m waiting. I don’t feel it yet, and I thought that — while it wouldn’t be in great measure — I would feel it in some small measure.”

“My husband and I have joked for years that we thought we were well beyond the hot dogs and beans era of our lives, but, quite frankly, it’s starting to knock on our door and ring true that that might be where we’re headed again, and, quite frankly, Mr. President, I need you to answer this honestly. Is this my new reality?,” she added.


US Elections: Obama supporter believes he’s kept promises

On April 5, 2015, in Commentary, by FormerObamaSupporters

Nearly 17 months of campaigningand $6 billion later, the presidential racecomes down to the final day.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romneyand their running mates held 14 events today in 12 states.

The latest polling illustrates justhow deadlocked this race remains as it heads into its final day.

Shane Taurima reports fromObama's headquarters in Chicago.

On the last day before the election, the candidates have spentthe final 24 hours rallying supporters at 14 scheduled eventsacross nine battleground states.

President Obama isblitzing to the finish line, hitting the state capitalsthat make up his Midwest firewall.

But, as they say, there's pointin an event without stars.

Mitt Romney hit four keystates in his final full day of campaigning before the election.

But hold the applause.

The last national polls taken beforeElection Day have Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in a virtual tie.

But one Chicago voter who hasclose Maori links is confident President Obama will come through.

Chicago is home tothree million people.

The population is evenlymade up of whites, Latinos and African Americans.

Torica Webb is 38.

She's an Associate Professorof Education.

Torica Webb lived in NZfor more than a year and spent a lot of time with Maori.

She says African Americanscould learn a lot from us.

Despite the overwhelming supportof the black community for Obama, the president hashad to defend his record.

Critics say he hasn't done enough, and points to the 14% unemploymentrate among the black community.

Black leaders are worried that themassive turnout of black voters that helped Obama to power in 2008may not happen this time round.

The path to the ballot boxhas also been muddied by a steady barrage ofRepublican-led voter suppression tactics.

Barack Obama will arrivein Chicago at midnight.

Polls open at 6am and will close at 7pm tomorrow.

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Obama Banning Bullets – Gun Control – Fox & Friends Is Pres Obama Trying To Ban Bullets With Executive Actions? =========================================== **Please Click Below to …

White Man destroys Obama’s gun control idea

On June 28, 2014, in Second Amendment, by Philko vs the world

philochko on twitter.

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