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opa oma supporters actually hate orbombers policies i'll give you the link at the end ofthis video here's a very interesting video by we are change dot org i've been advocating that you getinvolved to make videos and this is an excellent way for you to get a videoupon you to that's interesting because it shows common people speaking out against the candidate days support how did that happen the people were tricked that's how the interviews are substituted romneyfor all bomb a and then told them what old bombings policy is but they heardthat it was romney's policy instead so they blasted romney and then theinterviews are told them that he had lied the policy is actually all bombs romney might have the same policybecause as you know the democrats and the republicans have been merged intoone party now an america with a k_ is now a one-party system you think you have a choice think again you have a video camera can you borrow one this is a greatproject if i was counsel like blue sky walkerroot canal ski i'd be out there with my face in the spotlight to but i gotalthough i lost my craving to be famous this is what all of you should be doingyour own city or town or the place where you drink light beer i think the video shot in new york citybecause you can see the crack coaches go by with their cockroaches inside the interview took a microphone anyintroduces himself as luke route hausky actually he's a very likable young manabout the chicks are crazy about him anyway he trick so obama loyalist intospeaking out against all boundless policies by lying to them okay so he's adirty rotten liar michael bomber pay at least is not living in the whitehouse smooch in off us right giver accounts ke credit for not being asleaze bag illegal alien without a valid birth certificate like obama who toldhis classmates that he was a prince from indonesia then he told other classmates but it wasa prince from kenya everything that came out of obama'smouth was allied going all the way back to his birth in kenya but the doctor who delivered and therewas a nice man i'd never heard callously credit forhaving hotspot something you wish you had this is areal american hero who makes al gore look like a traitor and a liar who invested in the company that's goingto be charging you with a carbon tax no wonder he is in favor of the carbontax is going to make a killing off it payout gore laju invest in the companiesthat supply war materials you can make a killing off the bloodshed al gore your bore and a whore and what'smore popular among the shore when the big wave comes in i know you'll be comfy in your cushybunker when u dash off and leave us dirt bagsout here on the surface to fend for ourselves when the bureau causes the banalan bell to collapse fried by the sun's microwaves it'll be like being in the microwaveoven for about four hours on high themselves more enjoy hillary's fartsdown there and how you do it if that's true so-called michael luke tells them that it's romney's policieswhen actually it's the canyons policies and each one of the rises to the bait and takes it attacking what they thinkis running these policies these people are so stupid that they cango bomb a care is about their health ewell watched this and ask our peoplereally that naive what's going on here did they put a rat poison in ourdrinking water or something what's wrong with our educational systemis government running it health care is not about health it'sabout control marathons in hypodermic needles if youwant me to blurt out the truth is about getting access to your veinsand poisoning americans who don't know that vaccines contain pig viruses now given to old people and littlechildren these pedestrians are a long way fromhouse gain why would government but virus intovaccines i'd say at least a billion years these people need time to evolve you people could speed up the processreviewed grab at camp lejeune down into the streets of the sewer i mean that thecity one needs a license to drive but to voteyou need only fog up a mirror may turn you loose in the voting booth and forthe next four years we're stuck with the guy who holds a news and if you're wondering what's cookedits your gross i really believe that those interviewedhere should not be allowed to vote not without of course on the policies ofthe candidates and the actual deeds of each one of them if you wonder why america is in suchtrouble just watch this video annual quickly see that america needs to beinformed they are not informed you guys need to make videos we are sold the patriot act as an act ofpatriotism would actually the patriot act strips us of our bill of rights tour girls are interviewed i say only byamerican standards if you think these checks are foxy youmust be from chuckle slovakia or somewhere these young lady speak out againstviolations of the constitution yet they are all bomber supporters some of those interviewed say openly weonly have two choices and you have to pick one so looks guy walker says youpicking the lesser of two evils well folks is and that's still evil all of these people who support obamaspeak about their right to privacy and the constitution yet obon is not in favor of any returnto the constitution whose fault is that that americans are so ignorant it's yourfault you're not informing them by makingutube videos you're not speaking out againstoppression and wars constitutional violations and legalized murder andassassinations listen to what these people say and askyourself how can these people support this antichrist in the white house obon is the opposite of what all thesepeople want in a puppet president there to know if you want to know thatthey've been tricked into believing that these policies were actually not thelosers policies there the policies of the illegal alienin the white house here's the link thanks for watching see you next time.

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remember romney supporter murray energywho has a lot of coal mines they started laying off coal miners immediately afterpresident obama was re-elected there of course blaming president obamapores and makes no sense they laid off a hundred and to minors onthursday after the election they're blaming president obama back in august this is the company thatforced its employees to attend a mit romney rally and they said well that'sit it's not so much that they werephysically forced they just dwarka were required to do it and and we're gonnaget paid otherwise it was some incredible semantic game you rememberthat louis yes here's the reality we have the report which was not mentioned by murray energyexplaining why they're firing these people that says that coal demand from powercompanies is down seventeen percent this year because of natural gas prices beinglow an attractive they're also not mentioning that coldemployment hit a fifteen year high last november and that cole jobs are in their higherat the same level as they were four years ago in west virginia virginia and ohio meaning that presidentobama has had absolutely no negative impact on colin planet because of low natural gas prices thereis a decreasing demand for a call that i can imagine that they're justgonna say you know one of all that has been of reelected forty eight hours ago we can't afford to keep these employeesanymore you've got to get through the partisan nonsense you've got to get backto this is just the disney this is garbage books right this is with the g_o_p_'s beendoing for four years obstructing trying to make obama looklike a terrible president and now you have company owners we're trying to dothe same thing they will sacrifice uh.

productivity and the well the welfare oftheir employees in our country just to make the president look bad.

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Obama Supporters – Can You Defend This?

On May 13, 2015, in Commentary, by FormerObamaSupporters

this episode of the other taxes brought toyou by godaddy dot com used the promo code you like the one and get ten percent popular and president while once that is that was hiscredentials with the conservatives nine told you and been telling you for sometimeafter the november elections aneesh have been trying to go towards theright and prove that he did b you know sent a ride in and the republicanswon i got to do whatever they tell me uh.

people sam being on time it's not reallyfair but we see after elections he wrote uh.

froze pay for federal employees and then he sparrows of domestic spendingfor the next five years he gave any other billion dollar tax cut halfof which went to the top two percent so when i try to do is present evidence e wegave you don't believe me in terms of the evidence look it up if you don't believe myopinion okay well you know that what you like right unfortunately is a new piece of evidence president bomber has decided to cut the low-incomehome energy assistance program this is what gets uh.

basically heating uh.

to low-income peopleacross country he's cutting it in the middle of terrible winter is connie they said resume it is a kind ofa three billion dollars uh.

but uh.

adventures dress evolved onon that's silly but we're not cutting about three millionordering a bike two-and-a-half billy so it's gonna drop from five point one billion to two point five seven billion under president mama's proposed and then he turned around the cancer doesn'tlike to a good i mean i copy theme in the middle winter poor people but my right wing of and i saidto set up that guy prove myself you can argument about how much should bein this program how much money and honestly i don't know how much money ittakes to ride right amount of energy these people who needy heat in though thewinter and you need a argue that as the five pointone million children four point seven billion you you know i'm totally open all of thatplane but what i don't like is all bomb a clearly obviously trying to prove how quote unquotecentrist he is and how much he's willing to compromise of the republic and by making anexample out of poor people especially when they are in need especially in bad times this a are no not i'm a score political pointshere by hitting the people who have the lease them out of power acergy just gave ample k of four hundred billiondollars leathery richest people in the country now that's that's not a progressive uh.

rick i'm constantly asking myself what what whatwhat obama supporters thing do they think like auto he had to what we do is we we hit the floor we had 'emoff and we had a martin than we do huge gifts and tax rates the rich just so that we couldbe more progressive because you're real democrats so you can be more liberal and just don't get the logic of it so if you asked me yet another profoundlydisappointing day and no balmy administration is i will untimely say's because i believeit sucking up to the people in washington sothough panama the bag all good job good job rockare present audio wonderfully centrist their job lifts dissenter washington believes youshould crush the poor and disadvantaged and give gifts to the richest people in the country you've done a great job every shot at these those folks that's sad and really weak if you really believes that but the riches ever break and the poor needto get their programs cut that's probably worse or or what i don't know against the thirdoption he's brilliant politically and being totally anti progressive is somehow go to wind up with progressive victories of and drink domain one of those website to go to articulate goodat it and first of all they have one reports that it customer service if you wanna calico daddy's free iphone headquartersblackberry apple wonderful and go to the uppers dot com slash go daddyyou get although probably likely what you wanted to ten percent off of a lawyer or two white every that's you i've got com domain going you can't beat that.

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Obama Supporter vs Progressives

On May 9, 2015, in Commentary, by FormerObamaSupporters


Welcome to the Progressive InternetForum.

We are pleased to meet you.


Barack Obama.

I am a supporter of BarackObama.

Glad to hear it.

Feel free to post your opinionson our board.

I will post many things, because Barack Obamais the BEST PRESIDENT EVAR.

Well we may not all agree with you but weare happy to have you on our site.


How could anyone not agree with me?BARACK OBAMA IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVAR.

Well, some of us on the left may feel thatsaying "obama is the best president ever" is a bit strong.

What are you — some kind of Republican? No.

I've voted Democratic all my life.

So you're probably some kind of PUMA Hillarygroupie.

Not at all.

In fact, I not only voted forObama in the primary, I donated money to him and worked on phone banks for him.

I spent the election posting on internet forums,telling everyone how awesome Barack Obama is and insulting anyone who disagreed withme.

I am sure that made the difference in theelection.

But you do not think Barack Obama is the BESTPRESIDENT EVAR.

Why do you hate him? I do not "hate him".

I just wish he were moreof a strong, progressive leader.

That is a total lie.


But he appointed right-wingers like Rahm Emanueland Tim Geithner.

I don't care.

And he escalated the Afghanistan war.

I don't care.

He refuses to investigate the Bush war crimes.

I don't care.

And he declared that he has the right to assassinateU.


citizens on foreign soil.

I don't care.

His financial legislation was basically agiant blow job to the banking executives.

I don't care.

He is still doing warrantless wiretaps onAmerican citizens.

I don't care.

He kills homeless people on the weekend.

I don't care.

He once raped a puppy and then ate its brainon live TV.

I don't care.

He secretly wrote the script for The PhantomMenace.

I don't care.

He's the one who talked Air America into hiringLionel.

He did what??? No, wait — I don't care.

I almost got you on that one.

It's just, I really fucking hate Lionel.

Look, maybe you could tell us why you likeObama so much.

He passed the health care.

What he passed was more of a gift to big pharmaand the insurance lobby.

It will do very little to improve the quality of health care in thiscountry.

But it gives insurance to sick babies.

Whydo you hate sick babies? I'm happy that kids with pre-existing conditionscan now get insurance.

But Obama could have passed that provision in a week.

Instead hemade the sick kids wait over a year so he could use their tragedy to push through hisdeals with the healthcare cartels.

He had no choice.

He needed 60 votes.

He hasno power over the Senate.

He is not a dictator.

And yet, when his deal with big pharma wasthreatened, he organized a filibuster against his own party's drug re-importation amendment.

You just do not understand his brilliant strategy.

If you were as smart as Barack Obama, you would understand his brilliant strategy.

Yes, He was such a brilliant strategist thathe lost the House to the Republicans.

That is not fair! It is normal for a president'sparty to lose seats during the midterms.

But this was not a normal midterm.

The Republicansspent 8 years destroying the country, and two years going batshit crazy.

They shouldnot have been able to win an election for dogcatcher.

Imagine F.



losing the House,two years after taking over from Hoover.

to a G.


P run by the Nazis.

I've got it! You are a disgruntled Edwardssupporter.

You would rather have an adulterer than a black man as president.

I have no respect for what Edwards did inhis personal life, but at least the guy only fucked one American he'd promised not to.

Have you seen Barack Obama with his shirtoff? Wait.

What?? His shirt.

He took it off at the beach once.

No way John McCain has a chest like that.

What the fuck? And Michelle.

Have you seen her arms? I wouldkill to have arms like that.

Please stop talking.

They are such a cute couple.

Aren't we luckyto have such a cute couple in the White House.

And don't get me started on their cute kids.

Or Bo the dog.

Oh god.

You are just a hater who hates cute kids andwants Sarah Palin to be president.

Excuse me.

I need to go shut down my site,blow my brains out and then have my body shipped to Canada.


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Obama Supporters Disgusted By Debt Ceiling Deal

On May 8, 2015, in Commentary, by FormerObamaSupporters

opinion has begun to turn and that isthe only good news that comes out of this testimonial uh.

that opinion is turning amongprogresses uh.

it's not just paul krugman whosays that said you know this guy is the worst negotiator in the world or isanother side flat disney sober wall people in newyork i'm suggesting that it's not just a robber rice is not justhoward fineman but all those people have spoken out or all the commentators etcetera seem to be on the side of why i can't believe how bad the steelersballad only one who believe it is me 'cause i told you was coming based onprevious experience but now more importantly some of president all bombers most abit supporters have begun to turnin congress now just last week we told you severalquotes from represent of cleaver uh.

who is the head of thecongressional black caucus supporting the president and say hey listen you know if we criticize the presidentthat helps uh.

republicans and you know if he'sdoing the best he can in these tough times apparently he nor longer thingsthat who get a load of equipment before you have been forthcoming out of yourcaucasus calling us agreements patient are coded frightens samajh how was that and therefore is that howyou feel about this email familiar to reports of sensitive enough and long of what you see is that a petticoatservice and the great religions of the world teach which is take care of thefour take care of and look at the phone calls left under seven wafseven to one in favor of a balanced appeal and alsouh.

preserving medicare medicaid social security uh.

we're going to be extremelynon-committal but on the surface it looks like the same sandwich that's a unique way of putting itrepresent a clear is also united methodist minister and that makes sense there's another term for an s sandwich and he's saying you're gonna make methis sugar-coated sandwich after i back to you all this way today if he's lost clearer for the people who are paying attention he's lost almost all of the real progress happen ever present house in order forthe president but allot of people justices that causeinsyaallah democrat they'd just salud do they mean it doesn't look i'll haveanother or at least corporates so they probably don't believe it but its whileisrael progressives he's lost the man john conyers was the first person in congress to endorse senator obama for president first want you can't get a bigger support of thepresident and i talked to him personally several months ago and he was stillcapoeira place where he was severely disappointed but you know what and the republicans are worse we gottado the best we can in helping president mamaji reelection that is no longer where he s piles there food the press good because politicians history here majority leader's header there's no first serious too head of the united states called exposed to yes drawer the fast carson ca nine years goes from say hey we had a sort of resume surepaul is owen the saying we should have mast protest in for a white house to shown that we do not support it thisis not the right way to go what broke his back on that you know he said hesaid there are problems in proposed social security custer in thesenegotiations the president did why don't we do that and if he's on that side while theanother thing is is not really on my side but i do what he calls himself he continues lowered host status for water rollo debut for the side for bruce before for the the the for the also groups hello for starting with the haha w from this day forward we've added we've got a dual march on head that is from the first person incongress to endorse brocco obama we've had it there's only so much she could take andbelieve me he already thought he was so you know a lot and then realized that this guy is notgoing to any these progressive prior ities one final note from congressman guy followers first lady ted uh.

this the lacerated rigidity amateur virginity decisions you footage financial last year and they will be voting for the destin three years that is exactly right imprisoned for one of you don't lookaround and twenty one to like and where were you know all what i wanted to change all by theway to make this a summary and i believe was are you to online and i had a great line it turns out thatwhen president obama said change he made it he would change from a democrat orrepublican said that the change imagine and so when he looks around and put itwasn't like what happened what happened what what changed question then people get realize that you didn't meanit that you are not outside at congressmanconyers recognizes that you have no idea how many people recognize that.

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EPIC: Fox News Pranked by Fake “Former Obama Supporter”

On May 7, 2015, in Commentary, by FormerObamaSupporters

speaking of how do you know when a foxnews is telling the truth this is one of my fox news clips in the history of this show lewis we've had a lot of a lot of g_m_'s imean this is a gen believe me this you know how fox news is justcompletely feverish about trying to figure out any new waited he critical of president obama they decided to have this guy on maxrice who was a former obama supporter he voted for obama in two thousand eight but he's now disenchanted with thebombing is gonna be voting for mitt romney in twenty twelve well it turns out that it was justcompletely fake number one the kid wasn't even all the nafta vote in two thousand is far as i can tell andit was just a complete fake then he goes on is interviewed by gretchen carlson and he calls her miss america or missu_s_a_ whenever she was uh.

amid something winner back when she was younger sheik really starts getting irritatedright away and it's just unbelievable that this even happened isle of it you gotta love the stuff let's get tothe video louis the fourth that swing former obama supporters the young peopleto the wrong and i think i mean now is busy college grad max rice devoted to president obama out he's unemployed and stand just moved out ofhis parent's home good writing former since you're so its not ur i miss america decided not close enoughamerica universe in my book marva archival well thank you very much but tell me your story you believed inuh.

the hopping change at some of that obama into you voted for him in and tellme about bid next ross does use robots for turnstiles may not know better thanthird-rate nothing i think that a copy of the millions of morales little and why in our recent nor was it wasn'twhite harry supporting the dog while much foreign at her home is up totwenty story a lost a basketball game to a friend of mine alex there is a huge support of the showbiz okay so it sounds like you're not beingvery some also has also disappointed in either direction that obama said hisnation we noted has some about permit rahman and i'm sure that you had to go back tome with your parents have to graduate from college only after westinghouse for grass oriraq or not there's a summer macromol independent on one that's not to be fromdoing good slaughter okay well are you being serious about thisinterview or not right you can tell that to a question unless your case analysis so weird all right let's say we're going to wrapthis up now that is a message that you know we are totally serious aboutthailand where where where where way way yet another cannot say that you're readyfor for prime time he said wicked and radical uninhibited thefunniest thing of it but they're all of people minutes the realize he's nottaking it seriously didn't you notice when the fact that hewasn't even eighteen when he when the life of the lastelection happened would be an indication he never voted for obama alright fox news producers were sofeverishly trying to get anyone on to criticize the president and anyway theycan find they didn't even bother check how willthis kid is amazing lewis yeah uh.

and by the way when he pulled out a copyin the middle of the interview in third drinking it instead of answering your questions isthat not assigned he's not taking it seriously makes you want to try thismyself of course he was set up with a camera and everything to so it's not like this is just a quickphone call either right now that the other interests of setup involved therewas absolutely said he's having coffee during the interview gretchen is nottaking it seriously you don't need to manage the figure that out brilliant absolutely brilliant beatriz any anyminimum amount of back checking would have eliminated this possibilityfrom happening.

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Hi Mr Obama, I'm a supporter of yours but I'm a little worried.

See this can of Budweiser Water? I'm a little scared about it Mr President Obama.

They're shipping it to people up in New Jersey and stuff.

I know people in the northeast are outta supplies and stuff and need water to drink and all, but them Budweiser people are turning beer into water? Ever heard of WWJD Mr President? Jesus wouldn't do THAT! He wouldn't turn beer into water, he had it goin on the other way.

You gonna help us out on this one Mr President? Anyone else a little worried about this?.

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Obama Supporters Endorses Communist Karl Marx for President in 2016 Election. Produced by Mark Dice. Filmed in San Diego, California. Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

Mark’s YouTube channel has received over 95 million views and his viral videos have been mentioned the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the Washington Times, and other media outlets around the world.

He has been featured on the History Channel’s Decoded and America’s Book of Secrets, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more.

Mark Dice is the author of several popular books on secret societies and conspiracies, including The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True, The New World Order, Facts & Fiction, Inside the Illuminati, The Resistance Manifesto, and Illuminati in the Music

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Even a leftist media columnist recognizes the insanity of leaking operational secrets for the sake of puffing up Obama as tough on foreign policy. This administration may be the worst foreign policy disaster since Neville Chamberlain.


Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT. Seriously. They Did. Watch.
Subscribe to http://www.YouTube.com/MarkDice

Check out The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction in paperback on Amazon.com, or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Google Play. http://www.amazon.com/Illuminati-Facts-Fiction-Mark-Dice/dp/0967346657/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1294965944&sr=8-1

Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives. Check out Mark’s books in paperback on Amazon.com or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Google Play.

Mark frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world.

Several of Mark’s YouTube videos have gone viral, earning him a mention on ABC’s The View, Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, CNN, Drudge Report, TMZ.com, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post’s Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major

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