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Obama’s Stance On Abortion

On May 31, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

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Obama’s position on abortion, killing live born babies

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9 Responses to “Obama’s Stance On Abortion”

  1. goatonmorphine says:

    this is horrifying,

  2. coopskywalker says:

    not suprised at all

  3. Gail45ca says:

    He’s got to be a cold hearted monster for voting against that bill. I’m surprised he’d oppose it, considering he’s a father of two.

  4. Trcls says:

    Stupid Leftists are so hypocritical! They want equality in human rights but won’t give newborn babies any of those rights. If I were Marx I would puke of what has become the left!!! They really misinterpreted Marx!

  5. RebornStudios says:

    Wow… I dont know what to say.

  6. KillerWhaleStudios says:

    That’s truly messed up… I feel sick that Obama would actually want that sort of thing.

  7. oryandymackie95 says:

    Well, this is what happens. Everyone thought that just because Barack is black, that he’d be some kind of revolutionary. A Marx. That’s racism in itself, thinking that just because a president’s black (oh, gosh, he MUST be a revelutionary) that he’s going to change the world. Not so, Barack Obama’s a George bush in an exciting new black skin. I hope you leftie racists feel bad now.

  8. chainsawbrutality69 says:


  9. G00FYG00BER5 says:

    i wonder if he would still be prochoice if he could hear the babies screams…

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