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The Truth About Obama’s Abortion Record – CBN.com

On May 11, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

Obama finds himself answering for a vote he made back in the Illinois state Senate. See Barack Obama’s exclusive interview with CBN New’s David Brody, and what he says about his views on abortion and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. The Christian Broadcasting Network To see more from CBN News and The 700 Club, go to www.cbn.com

10 Responses to “The Truth About Obama’s Abortion Record – CBN.com”

  1. maikai86 says:

    i love david brody. i have a lot of respect for him.

  2. legalboxer says:

    Why are Bible-believing Christians just sitting on their hands for this election?

    What happened to our commitment to children, and especially unborn babies?

    Did God change the rules lately? Is murder now OK?

    Or are we just too wrapped up in our own lives to do God’s work by getting INVOLVED and ACTIVE in making sure Obama and his abortionist friends are NOT elected.

    This election is NOT over, no matter what NBC & CNN tell you.

    We can WIN, but only if good Christians start NOW!

  3. Candi411 says:

    Hum. I hate it when people put words in other people’s mouths. Where did Pat get that Obama wasn’t paying attention? I believe Barack stated that he had never heard the sermons in question. I believe him. He certainly didn’t act like someone who had heard the sermons because if he had, he would have been able to explain HOW the sermons ended. Those sermons were taken out of context! In their entirety the sermons make lot of sense and are powerful!

    Pat shouldn’t judge without the facts!

  4. Candi411 says:

    Oh don’t try to paint Obama as this radical uncaring baby killer! You conservatives think you have rights to the kindom of God when in fact you are the very ones who are sinning trying to judge others without looking at yourselves. Do you think the life of an unborn child in countries that we bomb are any less precious in the sight of God than the
    babies being aborted in our own country? A innocent life is a life still, no matter where they live! You

  5. Candi411 says:

    You believe in war! SO STOP KILLING BABIES!!!

    Also, Pat left out the fact that Barack stated that there was already a law in force protecting an aborted child should the life be viable. The people pushing that bill had another agenda that would have underminded any laws that were already in place should Barack approve that bill.

    Update: It’s funny how Pat is praising Obama since he won the office of President of the United States. Has he seen the light? Some of us already had!

  6. cupcakeheaven777 says:

    The truth about obama should be exposed,People dont want to hear the truth but its there right for.
    How can any person in the right mind be for killing babies?
    thats exactley what it is you cant hide behind the word ‘choice’.

  7. sjharvey75 says:

    OMG you guys are all freaks! It is no surprise that the psycho anti-abortion people are also poorly educated, i.e., cannot spell (cupcakeheaven777

  8. mrsauguste says:

    He did support infanticide! What else do you call baby-killing?

  9. khan198khan says:

    Please See This Video Thank You Peace Be Unto You! ! !:

    Jesus never claimed divinity, crucifiction, trinity the lie

    Scientific Errors and Faults in the Bible (Part 1)

    “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    (The Bible, John 8:32)

  10. TheMasamune444 says:

    I support Obama on everything exept abortion! This is discusting. The record for abortion in the us was a woman who had 15 abortions in 17 years.

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