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Americans are buying guns and ammunition at record levels. The reasons seem easy to determine. President Obama promises to be the most Second Amendment hostile president of all-time. Obama has a full democratic Congress and they may pass the most extreme gun control ever seen. Any new gun control acts may likely cause Waco and Ruby Ridge-style standoffs, and many may die. Some of the reasons for ammo shortages in no order of importance: Fear of Obama's gun control Possible Economic Collapse Terrorism Civil War Crime Riots (Post Obama Assassination) Food Shortages Suspension of Police Services (2004 Blackout, etc.) Standard Paranoia Hank Williams Jr. Cant Reload in Ammunition Shortage www.bloomberg.com Ammo shortage a concern for area www.clarecountyreview.com Obama Causes Ammo Shortage www.npr.org President Barack Obama; Gun Dealer In Chief www.mercedsunstar.com
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