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www.platformforthefuture.com The Stench of Truth (334).mp4 McChrystal is relieved of duty and Petraeus is put in charge of Afghanistan. This is a huge distraction meant to make you think that it was poor decision making on McChrystal's part that is causing us to be losing the war in Afghanistan, and not the fact that we are getting our butts kicked there and should be done bleeding already. Petreaus is also positioning himself for a neo-con resurgence in 2012, and the policy of endless war. What the hell is going on in Arizona, US citizens told to stay out of parks because of drug gangs and criminals? Obama says he will NOT secure the border until he gets "comprehensive immigration reform" which is code for amnesty and any people that want to come may do so and the border disappears. The state should step in with the national guard but at least the militias are mobilizing and I endorse it and wish them the best in their deployment. Republicans are filibustering the extension of unemployment benefits as they worry about paying for it. WTF? Right in your face. They do not serve us anymore if they ever did, they COMPLETELY, PUBLICLY AND IN YOUR FACE SUPPORT BLATANT CORPORATE AND BANK DOMINANCE AND OUR SERFDOM.
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