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I Invented the Internet (Ep. 4: Kill and Destroy)

On September 16, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

ATTENTION: “I Invented the Internet” Episodes 1-5 are now available on one DVD for .99. Help us expose Obama! Show it to your church, at a local theater, or anywhere else you know people will gather. www.paypal.com (Message us if you need bulk rates.) “Kill and Destroy” Synopsis: Featuring an interview with Jill Stanek, “Kill and Destroy” explores Barack Hussein Obama’s support of infanticide in Illinois, an alarming decision that was opposed by every Democrat and Republican in the US Senate. “What does it take to make a man a monster any more?” Illuminati Pictures president Molotov Mitchell recently wrote. “If Americans can watch this video and still support Barack Obama, then America is…beyond all hope.” Music by Timbre Baby played by Kennedy Robinson

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25 Responses to “I Invented the Internet (Ep. 4: Kill and Destroy)”

  1. outbackjosiah says:

    @clarity023 This had nothing to do with Obama being born in Hawaii…Did you even watch the video? I told you to prove how the “video is all lies, conspiracy against Obama, that’s all.” PROVE IT!!!

  2. outbackjosiah says:

    @clarity023 This video is pointing out the fact that so many people voted for Obama without knowing what he really stands for. This video also deals more specifically than just abortion: infanticide.

  3. outbackjosiah says:

    @lizazoon WOW I have never encountered a bigger retard than yourself. The biblical prophecy is what God said is going to happen. It does NOT necessarily mean that he WANTS it to happen. God’s prophecy and will are not to be confused. I think you really need to rethink your beliefs. I’ll pray for you.

  4. lizazoon says:

    @outbackjosiah ; What you mind to give me a definition of god`s will . Please, Thank you. Was it god`s will that the jews should return to palestine, Yes or no ? It`s a fact that without hitler`s prosecution and murder of the jews, that bible prophecy, would not have been fulfilled. YES or NO ?? You can turn and twist all you like. Hitler was instrumental in the return of the jews to Palestine. Hitler did God`s will. That`s the untenable conclusion if you believe bible prophecy.

  5. Rainy64 says:

    @lizazoon You sure are stuck on Hitler….that’s your retort for everyone talking about Bible prophecies coming true. Hitler is in HELL. Don’t make him some kind of hero. He was a lunatic and megliomaniac. Get some research together… ALL prophecies about the Birth and Life of Jesus came true- no reason to doubt the hundreds about his second coming….Maybe you’ll change your mind about some things when you consider the mathematical ODDS of ONE person fulfilling ALL those prophecies!

  6. lizazoon says:

    @Rainy64 There are no REAL bible prophecies. They are more like horoscopes. NONE give EXACT IRREFUTABLE data. NONE. I don`t make hitler a hero, the bible does. The bible makes him the one who fulfilled the bible prophecy. Give me one prophecy with EXACT data. Thank you !!

  7. KEKKREEM says:

    Lord come quickly.

  8. outbackjosiah says:

    @lizazoon Would you mind sharing the Bible verses where you found you so called data? And bear in mind, I do own a copy of the Bible, so let’s not lie.

  9. paddedshell says:

    666 people think this is horse shit.

  10. numberonepick1 says:

    @lizazoon it dont give exact date but if you read the book revelation it will tell you the things 2 look for for when JESUS return and the way things are looking and reading revelation we need to prepare ourself for when JESUS is to return cause we dont know the hour for JESUS return just read the bible

  11. bugsaregod says:

    Greatful for Planned ParentHood

  12. RajcevicTvrtko says:

    @outbackjosiah @outbackjosiah Baby can’t decide at that point, but can the baby decide later, after 20 years of a painfull life? Who knows what is the best solution? God. My solution is to advance in science in such a way that we know how to make healthy babies. And it is possible that we do that soon.

  13. luvfamilylife says:

    I am familiar with this nurse and believe her. so sad when those whose job it is to help, is preverted like this.

  14. HRbluetiger07 says:

    e-vil – Morally bad or wrong; wicked, Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful, Something that is a cause or source of suffering, injury, or destruction.

  15. melindamarie870 says:

    Sad….especially the end.

  16. ZombieFreak42 says:

    I hope you people are happy for who you voted for… I saw this heartless man approve of this abortion on live t.v. so this isn’t a lie.

  17. Cyberactor says:

    This is complete BS. Obama did NOT vote I’m favor of this so-called “infanticide” bill and the procedure described is, and always has been, illegal in Illinois. What a bunch of lying cretins.

  18. MrBlimbo says:

    @Cyberactor yes he did so stfu

  19. yendytok says:

    This is good place to start – A brilliant interview with one of the greatest researchers ever, Professor Antony Sutton, the author of Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler, where he showes how bankers, businessmen and politicans in the west supported and financed both the communist and the nazis, all according to their hegelian dialectic plan for world control. PLEASE WATCH

  20. 07benz says:

    People will believe what they want. And some will want you to believe in a lie. That is why knowledge is power.

  21. joelibermann says:

    she thinks that using condoms is the same as killing children, dumb bitch.

  22. partysounz says:

    Barack Obama is Jewish

  23. Consumerofknowledge says:

    Obama is a thug working for the new world order.

  24. 20nothing says:

    There is no abortion in the free world where ‘induced abortion’ as described by the video happens.

    I know you Americans are really religious but please, this is retarded. Induced premature labor or leaving babies behind to die is exactly what happens if you don’t give desperate women the choice to get a real abortion :-)

    Think before you post: 2031 likes on 2558455 views. It shows 2031 people are truly stupid and believe everything they want to.

  25. gunfuego says:

    @Cyberactor prove it.

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