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25 Responses to “* WARNING UNCENSORED – Laura Ingraham and Daryl Patterson agree on William Ayres and Barack Hussein Obama Bill O'Reilly Factor No Spin Zone. Obama must finally be thoroughly vetted by the American people! AMERICA, DO NOT ELECT A SOCIALIST MARXIST!”

  1. BestPoliticalVideos says:


    if you think Obama is better than Bush get your head examined.

  2. sillycandie007 says:

    laura dosent get it she dosent have any ideals to help america,,,she never talks about ideals never takes a postions ,,,,,,,,,an people see that,,,all she got is hate
    an fear an racism, an americans need help not hate she helps obama ever time she talks about hate

  3. X3Land says:

    @sillycandie007 Why do I keep seeing your posts on videos I watch? Each time I see your comments to someone, you say a person just doesn’t get it, or any position they take is based on racism and hate.. Maybe YOU don’t get it? Maybe YOU are racist, hateful, fearful? Why don’t YOU take a position that is a solution other than being a hypocrite? If you need the dictionary term of that word here it is – The hypocrite thinks that what he or she usually professes does not somehow apply to him or her.

  4. sillycandie007 says:

    @X3Land the world an the main stream media says i am right lol
    its just a few of you racist around that cant handle a black men in the white house
    your like a new born baby with no clue all you do is cry an cry an cry but dont know why your crying about its funny

  5. X3Land says:

    @sillycandie007 The main stream media says you’re right? Then that means you are wrong LoL, because they haven’t been right about anything in years. They MAKE or SPIN news, they don’t report it. You’re quite amusing calling me a baby, and you are sitting there ranting like a brat who wants their nookie. Go sit back in front of your T.V.

  6. X3Land says:

    @sillycandie007 Also calling me racist? You don’t even know me or what color I am. Oh, because I have proper spelling and grammar I must be white right? How non-racist of you… Right.

  7. sillycandie007 says:

    @X3Land no blacks are people color will vote for a racist that will hurt america

  8. billybob101013 says:

    @X3Land hi x3land i am on your side your so right i to am support the kkk an i am not racist i as white say sillycandie is a nigga like obama he is not one of us we hate
    to hurt niggas join are group your one of us,,, white power kill niggas

  9. toothpickdinner says:

    @X3Land white power your right only niggers like obama your one of us
    we racist have to stop niggers thanks for your racist views they help us

  10. X3Land says:

    Lol wow.. You guys calling me a racist are crazy..

  11. X3Land says:

    Oh nevermind, billybob101013, and toothpickdinner are the same person. Both accounts made on the exact same day??? Right… You aren’t a troll baiter. Nope none of that. (sarcasm)

  12. dongulledge says:

    @sillycandie007 Wow, here’s a real victim of our public school system. Which I knew where you could get some help.

  13. DudeofIsland says:

    @Phishphantom Don’t you fck with our President. If you don’t like it migrate to North Korea or Iran or fck knows where parents come from.

  14. DudeofIsland says:

    @toothpickdinner, You low life racist inhuman people we’ll make sure you all be exterminated from this planet one day soon

  15. Phishphantom says:

    @DudeofIsland -Hey DoucheBagIsland..Go F Yourself and this Stupid Piece of Sh!t Fake ass KENYAN Usurper President! Come try and make me leave this country and I will put your Pathetic life out of your misery! Get your head oout of the sand you Mindless Meathead!

  16. BestPoliticalVideos says:


    Bush – unemployment rate 4.4%

    Obama – 19 months – unemployment 9.5%

  17. BestPoliticalVideos says:


    ROTFLMAO “Don’t you fck with our President.”

    Obama is President of Vanuatu?

  18. rvhawkeye says:

    The worst president of all time—-barack castro

  19. Edom35 says:

    Thanks for this video……..People need to wake up to the fact that Obama is a Marxist, which will hurt ALL of us in the long run.

  20. democrapable says:

    @jtred31 Right on bro right on!!!

  21. zep0c0llie says:

    @BestPoliticalVideos Bush unemployemnt when he left office right at 9 percent.Good try though.

  22. BestPoliticalVideos says:


    another socialist idiot! Obama sucks!

  23. BestPoliticalVideos says:


    Bush sucked.

    Obama sucks MORE!

    18 months of 9.5% unemployment

  24. zep0c0llie says:

    @BestPoliticalVideos You know what suck inheriting the office with 4.5 percent and doubling to 9 while in OFFICE thats why BUSH SUCKS MORE!!

  25. BestPoliticalVideos says:

    Another commie foreigner trying to influence American policy.
    That “past 8 year” talking point crap does not work. Everyone knows Democratic Congress was in control of the last two years of the Bush Presidency. The last two years of Bush w/ Democrats is what put America in the hole.
    And what does Obama do? Follows Bush policy with the same Democratic Congress. Spending worse than Bush.
    American people aren’t that stupid. Obama = 1 term President.
    Nov. 2010 – Obama loses control.

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