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Obamas Health Care Plan: FREE ABORTIONS FOR ALL

On September 13, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

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25 Responses to “Obamas Health Care Plan: FREE ABORTIONS FOR ALL”

  1. Tadeusz598 says:

    Why shouldn’t it pay for abortions? If a woman’s life is at risk or she has been raped then that seems totally right.

  2. stevenstreet483 says:

    I want free abortions! so freak off!

  3. MIDNIGHT1DEMO says:

    You little freaks kill me with that same line every time. We’re not speaking about woman that have been raped or are at risk of death. Know why???? Cause those woman don’t count for a percent of all abortions. We’re talking about ppl that just freak like rabbits and don’t seem to care about what the result is tomorrow. You pay for that shit yourself.

    Not too mention all the “unintended” consequences like a jump in STDs when ppl know they won’t have to pay for an abortion. Please!

  4. MIDNIGHT1DEMO says:

    Yeah lookin at the way things are now. The 60s don’t look so bad. Kids kept their shirts tucked in and you could leave your doors unlocked if you wanted. Conservatives have been demonized as racist war pigs…and some of ’em are but as I get older I’ve started to see things you guy’s way. We use to be hard workers, black & white. Now things are just f**ked.

  5. Tadeusz598 says:

    Where do you draw the line?- football injuries ok, but abortions not? Injuries from negligent driving treated but other injuries fine?

    I really can’t care less about peoples reasons for seeking medical help.

  6. MIDNIGHT1DEMO says:

    A footbal injury never killed a fetus. Do you guys know what you’re doing? What’s really the difference between killing a child 6 months before it enters the world or 6 years after the child is born? Not much if any difference at all. That’s your business if you wanna do it though. Don’t involve lifers money. It’s bad enough our tax dollars go to this genocide in Iraq & Afghanistan. Competition in healthcare will fix just about all problems that exist now. Right now these freaks have a monopoly

  7. rhettaroo says:

    Sure, why not kill kids? Its just mass murder. Who cares if a “fetus” can feel pain at 20 weeks after conception. The world has come to an awful place if the human race is just letting there own children die. Next I guess you’ll be paying for a mother dismember her 8 year old becuase she decided that she doesnt want it anymore, I mean after all, if we dont care if our babies die, then we should just make things easier for everyone and say that a person isnt a person until they’re 18.

  8. visulube says:

    Hi visionvictory, I really enjoy your channel. Here is where I disagree with you, I am from the UK and have worked in our health system, it is not perfect but it is a great system, and makes sure the most vunerable are looked after. When I went to America, the poor were really in bad shape because of lack of health insurance, you just dont see that in this country. Some Amercians fear social healthcare, but it is fear of the unknown.

  9. AmericaGone2Shit says:

    GOOD…. I rather pay the small price of an abortion rather than 30 grand or more to support it… SHUT UP! Listen… why don’t you people worry about your own damn self.. it is funny how you dont mind making tax payers pay tens of thousands for kids we didnt bring into this world yet you cry if we kill them.. welcome to the dog eat dog world of reality kid… Grow up and accept it… If it wasn’t for abortions, we would have consumed our resources by now! So shut up and Kill a baby today!

  10. AmericaGone2Shit says:

    Hell… I wish they would pay for assisted suicides…. You see, we are over populated.. the only way that mankind will continue to exist is if we kill off 2/3 of the population… I know that sounds shitty, but at the rate we are going.. It is a guaranteed reality for someone down the road! We will kill this planet if we dont kill each other first! Problem is.. people like you and most others are so narrow minded and self centered that you are consumed by the Holier than Thou attitude.. Sad!

  11. sierrakeila89 says:

    I think you become a wooman you will understand.. now not choosing sides….
    I agree with avoiding teen pregnatcy.. do you have an idea how many children are dying a live hungry.. untill someone can feed themm all…..

  12. sierrakeila89 says:

    Yeah, so what! We are aready payig for all those people who don’t work who can’t afford to buy food etc.. and all bc they couldn’t get a $ 500 dollar abortion.. when life expand its going to cost us more. so think and realize!!! 😉 trust me goverment know what they are doing.. when it comes to saving cough cough

  13. dragonpat666 says:

    i am prochoice but don’t agree with paying for someone else’s abortion. abortion is an elective surgery. pay for your own abortion.

  14. robinven0m says:

    What’s your problem? Abortions are great… it prevents at least 2 lives from being totally messed up

  15. smartwerker says:

    Haha, you FOOLS think free healthcare is a problem. We just paid as a count 1.2 trillion dollars in healthcare cost. I’m sure that this year will be cheaper because PRICES always go down as time goes on (sarcasm). Get a clue people! This is similar to the fact that the National Debt is so high…….THINGS COST MORE IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, I’m not from the future, but I do know that just as people want raises in pay, cost of operations ALWAYS go up!

  16. smartwerker says:

    …the federal gov’t is us. we vote for these ordinary ppl….. give the hospital $10 wow! Isn’t it same thing as “lowering cost”. Oh yeah paying $10 is not the same as free…. no political future for you!

  17. 100backbeats says:

    this guy,just like most brainwashed americans have no idea what the freak there talking about,the richest country in the world cheats their own people and they let it happen, HEY REPUCLICAN CONSERVITIVES this must make you rednecks real happy, you people are really messed up

  18. timwilliamanderson says:

    Excuse me, but lets look at this, you seem very conserned about cost and abortion lets knock out two birds with one stone the average cost of raising a child in 2009 $266,698 if your an average american, but remember with inflation Etc that cost will go UP not down so for the cost of one kid, your average abortion TOPS OUT at around 1000 so think about the cost of raising 266 kids then subtracte 266000 from that number and you can see how much it will cost the government to ban abortions.

  19. supr4rce says:

    This guy just gets a kick out of seeing himself on youtube! Stop trying to be another Rush Limbaugh, because he’s an idiot that doesn’t know what he’s talking about too!

  20. jordler says:

    america health care sucks ranked 37th

  21. roccoh21 says:

    Against abortion? Then don’t have one. And last time I looked, men can’t get pregnant. This moron is as honest as Jesse James taking his wedding vows.

  22. EMPERORMIKI says:

    Actually the President issued an executive order specifically banning the usage of federal funds provided by this bill for abortions … just to please enough conservative assclowns to get the bill passed.

  23. EMPERORMIKI says:

    And really, the aborted “child” automatically enters heaven if I understand correctly (a sure victory for christ) and the mother can just ask for forgiveness later (another victory for christ) resulting in 2 more souls for the battle the allmighty god must apparently win against satan (his own creation) at armaggedon.

  24. zerozander says:

    By now you know this healthcare bill won’t pay for abortions. Way to jump the gun there. Also, you do know there are plenty of agencies, organizations, and clinics that already give free abortions, and are subsidized by tax dollars. Right?

  25. carnypimp says:

    By the way you can’t prove anything Obama has done as unconstitutional. Second of all people on welfare have been getting free abortions since Bush was president you are freaking stupid!

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