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Alex Jones Tv"The Sociology of Barack Obama"2/4

On September 9, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters


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25 Responses to “Alex Jones Tv"The Sociology of Barack Obama"2/4”

  1. GraandHustleMafia says:

    i hate these OBAMA zombies…

  2. sk8rguy125 says:

    I know, they’re everywhere. I wish more people could know whats going on….

  3. almulla says:

    I wonder where this info came from about hitler being funded by zionists?! this seems hard to believe ,,can anyone tell me where to find such info

  4. Soulfree2008 says:

    a cover for what?

  5. judgehittner says:

    i hate you AMERICAN haters you hate America

  6. zapproowsdower says:

    I think you missed the point buddy. By America, you’d naturally be referring to the Constitution, the bind that makes America what it is. On this channel you’ll find nothing but admiration, respect, devotion to it. Indeed we consider ourselves protectors of the Constitution, whereas many so-called “patriots” don’t even know what the document says.

  7. vampirehunter33 says:

    the youtube video alex jones was watching is called . Biden confirmation

    search for it and watch it on youtube its a quick small clip

  8. HEYBUDD says:

    Start by looking up Zionist. Don’t confuse a Zionist with an Israelite or a Jew. Obama is a Zionist as was Bush, Clinton, Hagee, and the seated Congress.
    Look up Bush’s Grandfather Prescot Bush and his connection with Hitler. I believe it was through the Hariman Bro’s bank.

  9. eroutt says:

    i think the pyramid is bigger then Alex Jones thinks it is! look up at the sky at night with night vision you will see strange things! i don’t wanna sound crazier than i already am:) so find out for your self!!!

  10. GraandHustleMafia says:

    lol dude i live in Philadelphia,PA last time i checked…thats America! i hate America because of it’s history i hate America because of the evil shadow government that runs it! i hate America because of the endless number of sheep that live here and worship there new god obama now dont get me wrong this country has sun good history to has good people and good government! im just speaking on the majority, this country and WORLD does not have to be like this but this is how theu want 2 live..

  11. frickadele says:

    The Greeks would call you a pussy.

  12. frickadele says:

    Not you grandhustlemafia

    No offense…but I don’t respect your title.

    Too violent.

  13. suckafish80 says:

    I like Ike.

  14. IgoToEMSirl says:

    yeah he fights for his friends!

  15. symodiezel says:

    I think you had better watch what you say, this comment means you are not really listening to what is being said, its smart well thought out FACT, its FACT get it throught your head, FACTS are FACT, and this is what this is, youre just seeing people not blindly going along with what the people in power shovel them, unlike you most likely, who probably will take the chip, and do as you are told, and told who to worship, i bet you will to, and you call that American, LOL, wake up mate really.

  16. 1zxhar39zetl says:

    People who believe in the democrats and republicans are sheep. The only true power they have over the sheeple is brainwashing…..WAKE UP AMERICA!

  17. ThomasCattani says:

    calm the freak down, he is surprisingly ignorant, his information is so vague and he is dwelling on it.

  18. bluesingincat says:

    There is only one true definition of “Zionist”. Neither Bush nor Obama are Zionists. That word is bandied about too often, and usually in the wrong context. True Zionists, and it isn’t a bad thing, are: David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, ect. Zionism is not being racist. That’s the liberal media spin on Zionism.

  19. ExquisiteDoom says:

    True , zionism has nothing to do with race, but the state of israel’s sole purpose is to destabilize the middle east. So, i can’t say Zionism is a good thing, though i haven’t looked up your gurus there, i don’t see why they’ve put israel in place other than to simply piss off the arabs. Zionism does not profit the jews at all but it damn well profits the Bilderberg. Wish Alex wouldn’t be so dismissive when it comes to discussing jewish issues.

  20. bluesingincat says:

    With all due respect Exquisite, Israel was the homeland of the Jews since ancient times. It is the sacred land promised to them by God in the scriptures. They didn’t re-establish their homeland to piss anyone off. Israel isn’t trying to destabilize the region. Stabilization of the region would greatly benefit Israel. This is a war against democracy, and a war against the Jews, for religious and ideological reasons. Jewish people have historically been persecuted.

  21. ExquisiteDoom says:

    I’d have to look more into the israel foundations. It’s just that from what i know it sounds like a dirty plot ; but i don’t know alot on that department.

  22. Gonji says:

    Fascism within corporatism is their face lift for “Change”. IE:microchips, like Alex has mentioned through advertising this as a health product.The FDA even approves that you should microchip your kids to keep track of them in case of a kidnapping.

    Big brother is watching you- the Illuminati hierarchy structure wants you be afraid & fear their power. We as the people will not buy into enslavement! We aren’t merchandise to be bought or sold for their “standards” of contributing to their society.

  23. Gonji says:

    Exactly, both sides of the political party are run by the same policies and their elected officials are getting their directives from bank agents.

  24. bassreeves1965 says:

    fact, the jews in palestine now, are secular, and most dont even believe in the god of the ancient jews,plus, the ancient jews killed the original inhabitants of that land, and claimed that some god gave them the right to committ genocide. The original nazis!!!.

  25. DJCW says:

    Couple of points about the Jews(?) occupying Palestine.

    1. They are NOT the biblical Jews. Biblically, the Jews are The 12 Children of Jacob/Israel and are of African descent not from Southern Russian (Caucasus Mountains), They are Ashkenazi Jews linked to the Khazars, i.e Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Noam Chomsky, the list goes on and on.

    2. “Gods chosen people” do not pray in synagogues. Rev. 3:9

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