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Gianna Jessen :: Abortion Survivor (Part 2)

On August 23, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

From Australia, Gianna Jessen tells of how she was born at an abortion clinic, and how she survived a saline abortion that was supposed to kill her! At 3 weeks an unborn human being’s heart is beating; at 7 weeks they have fingerprints; at 12 weeks their limbs and organs have formed. www.Abort73.com www.BornAliveTruth.org TAGS: Abortion Abuse Saline Partial Birth Planned Parenthood Dead Death Doctor Clinic Abortionist Born Alive Fetus Partial Birth Abortion Stem Cell Research Pregnant Baby Life Murder Choice Infant Infanticide Unborn Holocaust Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Obama Liberal Father Frank Pavone Catholics Catholic Certificate BlazingSky2006 TheSkepticAntidote VenonFangX Rape Incest Teenage Pregnancy Ultrasound Premature Premie Strangulation Suffocation Garbage George Bush Father Foster Care Adoption Choice Conception Conceive Downs Syndrome Sarah Palin Control California Prop 85 Parental Notification Teenager Crises Defect Cerebral Palsy Governor Church Faith Christian Politics Obama Biden Palosi Colin Powell Foreign Public Policy National McCain Debate Alaska Pill Youth Children Future Generation

25 Responses to “Gianna Jessen :: Abortion Survivor (Part 2)”

  1. raymondmyers says:

    Truly the Lord our God speaks through her through the Holy Spirit which God gave her at the time she accepted Yeshua (Jesus in the Greek) into her heart. She is a blessing! and she if you ever didn’t know it, Our AWESOME GOD is a father to the fatherless and has mercy on orphans and widows with passion we can’t comprehend. She makes me want to sing the praises of Yahweh and his son and his spirit, She is a sister to me and servant of the most high God a princess in the kingdom!!

  2. TheHeavenlyHarper says:

    What a beautiful message! Makes me cherish being pregnant even more.

  3. JesusPrincessDUH says:

    WoW!! Amazing thats all I can say is amazing I cant wait to see her in heaven and give her a hug. I know her spot is already made up there some where great story just bless!! Love the way she said that we cant even make our heart beat.. we are nothing without God! Im a Princess too so wwill be fighting over the crown..lol jk I know its plenty of us..loved it

  4. D33LUSIONAL says:

    Well I really enjoyed your speech up until the part where she pulled out the sexist card. That is wrong to stand in a point of leadership and call out the men as the ones who “Need to stand up and be men and not be abusive ect…” and the woman are the ones who “need not take the abuse and not know your worth”.

  5. D33LUSIONAL says:

    This is the thing, that goes both ways. Women are murderers and abusers as well as men. All that you just did is allow more women to belive that it’s ok for them to hit men because the men are the ones who need to stand up and take it. Truth be told statistics show that more women cause or initiate domestic violence cases.

  6. D33LUSIONAL says:

    I’ve been through all sorts of things that many people could never imagine in my life and I don’t run around acting as if my place in this world is any better than someone who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
    People like you make me sick. You SUCK!!!
    & to everyone who gets pissed off about my comment need not even respond cause you obviously don’t have a good understanding of life and society in todays world.

  7. gneitsch says:

    Don’t you think she of all people understand what life and society in todays world is like, and yet her mission is to bring about change? You seem to resent her for that.

  8. D33LUSIONAL says:

    Fucker…listen, I just said the bitch is obviously pissed off at guys now cause she all “guys are abusers” at a damn abortion surviver speech which has nothing to freaking do with men beating women and her views on that were distorted as hell anyways and theres too many women in our society 2day who think that shit really is ok. So freak off with your resentment shit.

  9. gneitsch says:

    Anger? No. She is addressing men from a Christian view that they are the protector of women (and children), even if that means protecting them from women’s own choices. Women also from the same Christian view saying that women are abusing themselves by not regarding their sexuality as sacred. It’s about respecting life and sexuality in the context that God created. This isnt the way the world sees it, and her comments cannot be understood viewing it in that context, only biblically.

  10. yeshua4givs says:

    she’s saying that men have a God-given right to protect wut the KNOW is right!…with every baby or abortion there is a father and she’s saying to stand up and do wut they feel is right (just God designed them to) she’s telling women to stand up and know they’re worth more than a fist in the face or a baby-makin machine or a sex-machine..she’s telling EVERYONE that according to God we’re worth more than most of us allow ourselves to be!

  11. TheNaturalPurpose says:

    i didn’t like all the god crap, but i suppose it’s the only reason why she hasn’t gone insane from being alive.

  12. FireThunderTV says:

    The only reason anyone or anything has life to begin with is because of God.

  13. TMBthePonch says:

    thenaturalpurpose your remarks are very foolish. this is a true thing of beauty

  14. shirney1 says:

    Delusional. A derivative of delusion |diˈloō zh ən| n.
    An idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

  15. Sammicsno says:

    Your story is very touching … I am sorry your mother did this to you … but from what I know about adoption, she was probably coerced into it.
    I’m not a Christian but I am a Buddhist and we share many essential viewpoints .. I hope you don’t mind if I say, Buddha bless you. <3

  16. cureloms says:

    Thank you for being willing to give glory to the God who gave us life! He is our Eternal Father in heaven and some day we will stand before Him to be judged for our works and the desires of our hearts. The Spirit of God bears witness of the truth of your words. The testimony you have born is written in heaven for the angels to look upon and they rejoice over you. (DC 62:3).

  17. firedancer62 says:

    Thank you for your courage and boldness. To speak truth in LOVE. I pray many lives will be changed for the better because of this testimony.

  18. AuntieStina says:

    @TheNaturalPurpose Sorry you feel that way, though I need to argue that God is not crap. He didn’t make crap, either.

  19. GeriJean says:

    WHAT am AMAZING and INCREDIBLE woman !!!

  20. Purushadasa says:

    @TheNaturalPurpose “If you think I’m a fool, it’s just another jewel in my crown.”

    — Gianna Jessen

  21. Altermax777 says:

    @FireThunderTV Thank you

  22. FireThunderTV says:

    Altermax777: Don’t thank me. Thank Gianna for letting me use her video – and thank God for helping her live so she could tell her story.

  23. XxJosielxX says:

    this was really uplifting inspiring and touching!
    to God be the glory..
    abortion is murder, its a civilised form of witchcraft and child sacrifice

  24. mp3meg says:

    She is an inspiration. An absolutely beautiful miracle.

  25. skycastles79 says:

    What an amazing person. Heaven sent. I would love to meet her in person.

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