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Discussion Over Obama's Hawaiian Birth Certificate – Proof?

On July 11, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

*Psalm 25 Ministry did not take part in the production of this video* Bigone5555J www.youtube.com For more information on Obama without the corrupted lens of deceptive liberal views: NRTPac www.youtube.com rosaryfilms www.youtube.com OurCountryPAC www.youtube.com “Philip J. Berg/Michael Savage Interview (Part 1 of 2)” www.youtube.com __________________________________ The AP has posted a story intended to mislead the voters into believing that Obama was born in Hawaii. The Story only says that they have his birth records. It is illegal for anyone to tell us what these records say. “State officials say there’s no doubt Barack Obama was born in Hawai’i.” (Note this is an exact quote from the Honolulu Advertiser. Where is Hawai’i?) HONOLULU (AP) — State officials say there’s no doubt Barack Obama was born in Hawai’i. Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said Friday she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have personally verified that the health department holds Obama’s original birth certificate. Fukino says that no state official, including Republican Gov. Linda Lingle, ever instructed that Obama’s certificate be handled differently. She says state law bars release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest. Some Obama critics claim he was not born in the US. Earlier Friday, a southwest Ohio magistrate rejected a challenge to Obama’s citizenship. Judges in Seattle and Philadelphia recently dismissed similar

25 Responses to “Discussion Over Obama's Hawaiian Birth Certificate – Proof?”

  1. TribelessWarrior says:

    Appears mental

  2. owheydusoapsk says:

    I don’t want to put words in your mouth. Are you implying that Obama is not a natural born citizen and that this situation has been purposefully covered up. I imagine there are plenty of Republicans in the media who would have moved heaven and earth to expose this if it were true.

  3. IIMoses740II says:

    This is simply an unexpected approach that it may be simply such an unorthodox situation that it’s hard for political parties to get behind

    More over, may I suggest watching Michael Savage’s interview with Philip Berg, the “moderate liberal” democrat, Attorney General I might add, behind the lawsuit

    Long story short this may have ruined the Republican’s “October Surprise”

  4. luvpalin1 says:

    if the aunt is illegal is obama illegal?

  5. owheydusoapsk says:

    McCains citizenship was questioned as well. Apparently Bergs latest attempt was tossed because he had “no standing”. I hope it goes nowhere because it would set back race relations 100 years.

  6. IIMoses740II says:

    Yes, & the attempts on McCain were not only incredibly false(two U.S. parents on U.S. territory on a U.S. military base)but proves how irrational much of the Obama campaign has become(not to mention how the public school has failed so badly at teaching the Consitution & history)

    His case is now in the Supreme Court over the past two days, & if Obama’s not a citizen then that’s against Constitutional Law – if attacks on his race gets brought up, then that’s just incredibly ignorant nonsense

  7. IIMoses740II says:

    Heh, yes & Obama states he did “not” know about her illegal status . . . shocking . . .

  8. owheydusoapsk says:

    Well I hope it’s simply what it appears to be, a baseless accusation. I listened to the 2 Berg vids and googled him. He’s definately an unorthodx sort.

  9. IIMoses740II says:

    The reason I state that it’s “unorthodox” is simply that we’ve never had a situation like this before

    I would suggest looking at the birth certificate yourself that I’ve made a video about(“Introduction to Obama’s ‘Birth Certificate'”)with a short introduction from Berg about his standing on the case & why he is going through with it

  10. owheydusoapsk says:

    Hi Mose: I’m not qualified to comment on wether it’s legit or not and I didn’t get the impression the presentor was either. Berg suggested that the Repubs would spring this as an Oct surprise. I don’t see that happening now. We’ll see what happens. I think Berg is unorthodox because he does things that rightly or wrongly call his credibility into question. Suing Bush and Cheney over 911 and calling for world leaders to arrest and try Bush as a war criminal.

  11. owheydusoapsk says:

    His birth was also recorded in two local Hawaiian papers back in 1961.

  12. IIMoses740II says:

    Thank you for the polite responses; I have not been used to that from Obama’s side of the field for quite some time

    Think of what you said though-

    “Berg cites inconsistent accounts of Sen. Obama’s birth, including reports that he was born at two separate hospitals-Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital-in Honolulu, as well a profound lack of birthing records for Stanley Ann Dunham,”

    Why two?

    Obama said his parents met during the Selma march of 1965-that’s four years after he was born

  13. owheydusoapsk says:

    Hi Mose: the announcements I was referring to are two in Hawiian papers at the time that say nothing about two seperate hospitals. I think you deserve polite responses.

  14. IIMoses740II says:

    Thank you truly, & I would contend you do as well – this is easily a refreshing change

    Oh do not worry, I understood your point – my point is the question arises why where there two hospitals declaring his birth? If it was reported from two hospitals & then two local newspapers, from which hospital/sources did the information used in the newspapers come from?

  15. owheydusoapsk says:

    I havn’t seen anything indicating it was reported from two hospitals or any such conflicting documents. The clippings I saw didn’t mention the hospital. Is there somewhere on the net showing this?

  16. IIMoses740II says:

    Sorry to repeat myself, but just to state –

    “–Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital–in Honolulu”

    America’s Right website is where I found it for myself, but this is being brought up in Berg’s case last I checked so it should not be too hard to find I would hope

  17. owheydusoapsk says:

    Hi Mose : I’m going to keep an eye out for any more information on this. It’s an interesting story that I’m hoping goes nowhere.

  18. IIMoses740II says:

    Feel free to reply back if you have any new information; if I am wrong on some info then I do not want to be a false teacher

    If this is true, I can only imagine what will happen if he is found out or is elected – how the footholds of society could shudder disasterously

    Take care & God bless owhey,
    I pray for you peace, understanding, & the best through Christ

  19. bpreuss99 says:

    Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. John McCain’s life is an open book. Ask why the same is not true of Obama.

  20. bluecamaro98 says:

    Obamas Friends ..
    Rashid Khalidi (antisemite)
    Antoin “Tony” Rezko (real estate crook)
    William “Bill” Ayers (terrorist)
    Rev. Jeremiah Wright (anti American racist)
    Michelle Obama (anti American racist)
    ACORN (voter fraud) (housing market collapse)
    Raila Odinga (dictator)
    Michael Pfleger (anti American racist)
    Franklin Raines (Fannie Mae under Clinton)
    Bernadine Dorn (terrorist)

  21. IIMoses740II says:

    The truth is usually a beauty to behold . . . but not today

    Great list – too bad how much & long the names have been be avoided

  22. Bluedolphingirl01 says:

    Why did he not keep the name his mother gave him if he wanted to be our President he changed it from Barry Sorato, not sure if spelled right but needless to say he changed it to his fathers Kenyan name. Barrack Hussein Obama and never changed it back to be an American. Tell the Truth Day!!!

  23. teemoh says:

    Do you honestly think that the NSA, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, or any other federal agency that would have an interest to investigate this hasnt already?

  24. IIMoses740II says:

    While Big nor I ever made such a claim, I take it you mean don’t I think this would have been found out by now. I won’t go into detail here, but I simply ask you to look at the evidence yourself & make your conclusion as to why or why not hasn’t this been looked into more

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