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Alan Keyes on Abortion and Faith

On July 11, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

These are clips from Alan Keyes’ debate with Barack Obama in the race for the Illinois Senate. This particular debate took place on 21 October, 2004.

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  1. jazzgent says:

    why is this guy not president? He is right on!!!!

  2. Absolute21Truth says:

    So then all murder should be legal because you cannot determine someone else’s choice?

  3. jnthnlck says:

    If you parse my statement, then you’ll always misunderstand what I’m saying, a cheap tactic to try to win an argument. I’m not trying to win anything, I’m just saying that I do not personally agree with abortion, but I cannot make someone else’s decision (on abortion), as that decision has no direct affect on me or my family.

  4. Absolute21Truth says:

    Alan Keyes argued your statement about wearing theology on your sleeve to perfection – just watch the video again. And if you don’t get it, watch it again and again until you do.

  5. jnthnlck says:

    Another attempt to dodge the debate. I don’t need to refer to Alan Keyes to be right on something. All religion, spirituality, and theology is personal, not corporate or national. God’s commandments are directly for me, and not necessarily for anyone else. What they decide to do with their body is their business.

  6. ProLife7777777 says:

    When that ‘choice’ involves the life and death of another human being, it makes it about more than 1 persons ‘choice’

    Im not for slavery, but I dont think its my business if people wanna keep slaves, Im not for the Nazi holocaust, but who am I to say Hitler dosnt have that choice. I don’t believe rape is right, but if a man wants to rape a woman, whats to stop him?

    Stupid claims hey, well thats the EXACT claim you make when it comes to abortion.

  7. jnthnlck says:


  8. jnthnlck says:

    you obviously did not read my statement in this thread about when life begins from a legal sense. From a biological sense, it’s factual to say that life begins at conception. But from a legal sense in whether or not abortion should be legal, everything is based on a person’s actual birth, not conception. All the examples you mentioned (slavery, holocaust, etc) deal with people who in the legal sense are living individuals. And again, I’m vehemently personally against abortion!

  9. Absolute21Truth says:

    So if somebody kills somebody else, as long as you’re not involved, you’re cool with it.

  10. jnthnlck says:

    Just because I don’t agree with you, then I’m for murder? How ridiculous. I’m just as vehement against abortion as you are. But I’m not going to repeat myself either just to win a debate with you. Secondly, outlawing abortion will not end abortions. It will only imperil women will find alternative & more hazardous ways to get an abortion. Finally, let’s do more to protect the rights of actual people than argue over the rights of potential people (embryos).

  11. 08obamafan08 says:

    VOTE FOR ALAN KEYS!!! 2012!!!!!

  12. Absolute21Truth says:

    They are not potential. They are already people at conception. You are not nearly as vehemently against abortion as I because you are not defending a living human being (in your mind) as I am. As for the law, maybe we sould legalize rape, theft, etc. so that they can be done more cleanly – because currently they are being done in hazardous ways where the theif or rapist could potentially be hurt. The unborn child is a person and is collectively the largest victim of murder in mankind’s history.

  13. Absolute21Truth says:

    They are not potential. They are already people at conception. You are not nearly as vehemently against abortion as I because you are not defending a living human being (in your mind) as I am. As for the law, maybe we should legalize rape, theft, etc. so that they can be done more cleanly – because currently potentially hazardous to the thief or rapist, The unborn child is an “actual person” and is collectively the largest victim of murder/holocaust in the history of mankind.

  14. Absolute21Truth says:

    Unborn babies are living individuals, human beings, all of the above. They just happen to be at the most helpless stage of life living inside their mother. They are still living individuals. 50 million unborn murdered in the U.S. alone since Roe v Wade – the greatest holocaust in the history of mankind. Make it illegal. Prosecute it as the murder degree 1 that it is. And along the way educate people why it is wrong. All parts of the elimination of abortion must go hand-in-hand immediately.

  15. DeathAngel84299 says:

    this is so crazy, he’s saying they need more black kids because its unfair! if the mother wants an abortion theirs usually getting a good reason!

  16. jamespunani says:

    the pope is a nazi. check out jesuit infiltration of america on youtube

  17. mguggaman says:

    Abortion is bad

  18. adjohnson916 says:

    Don’t fall bait for the white slave master’s religion, man. Had the horror of slavery not occurred, 99% of American black people that today claim to be Christian wouldn’t be at all. The civil rights movement isn’t over until you free your mind of that religious Christian nonsense.

  19. ACoolDudeProduction says:

    Alan Keyes should have won!
    Abortion is pure murder and evil!

  20. BenjaminWirtz says:

    He did in 2008, but didn’t seem to do much campaigning.

  21. DarkPrince0fWGTN says:

    Its funny how he talks about how we r created equal. I presume he is referencing god. Even though in Exodus 21:20-21 “When a man strikes his slave…and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be punished; for the slave is his money.” The word “money” in this case means property; it is translated “property” in the Modern Language, Living Bible and other translations.

  22. mojoxrisin says:

    Yeah Alan, I knew that. Unfortunately the black impoverished community are especially negligent when it comes to sex. I am not racist but it is a fact. So this problem is not abortion’s fault. It is the poor fault of the poor, sexually wreckless black population that is responsible. The white trash hillbilly group have the same issue. It follows poverty which generally comes from immense stupidity.

    By the way buddy… abortion is here to stay so get used to it :)

  23. Eye2EyeIIIV says:


    Alan Keyes doesn’t need a teleprompter and doesnt say “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhm” like Obama does. He is simply too smart to be president. Too many people hate people who are smarter than them.

  24. CalifSunshine2008 says:

    @Eye2EyeIIIV The death of the gulf is punishment for electing a morally devoid abortionist. Not only is Alan Keyes a brilliant man….he is a moral and just man that believes in God.

  25. Wiilovewii says:

    He is a well spoken but a fundamentalist guy!

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