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Majority of Americans Believe Obama is a Socialist

On July 10, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

Ron Paul, Tim Carney, James Taranto and David Asman weigh in on President Barack Obama’s policies. 07/09/2010 – www.RonPaul.com Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. For more information visit the following sites www.RonPaul.com http www.CampaignForLiberty.com http www.DailyPaul.com http

26 Responses to “Majority of Americans Believe Obama is a Socialist”

  1. ancientwisdom2012 says:

    I have had a number of people tell me that Rand is a racist. So the perception is still there regardless of the fact that he was misrepresented.

    In general both parties are corrupt sides of the same coin of LIES, control and Tyranny…all these dualities are FALSE opposites=illusion however this will not change UNTIL humanity changes from within firstl. All these games are a mirror of the collective disfunction within us. This is a hard lesson to learn, one which will repeat until we do so.

  2. MishuTaste says:

    The only way we’re going to save this great nation is to change the minds of the voters who believe that successful/productive people are obligated to give money to people who can’t make it in a free market society and also: change the idea that the United States needs to have a global military presence. If you change this kind of thinking, you’ll have a streamlined government that doesn’t waste tax revenue. Then you can repeal the income tax law!

  3. dontblockmedk says:

    Money property system is ROOT problem.

    1. people need food, water, energy, medicine, etc.

    2. money systems require scarcity, so they will never create abundance of 1

    3. sharing ALL resources and knowledge keeps small groups from controlling everyone

    4. we have the resources and technology to provide EVERYTHING for the world now

    5. automating the production distribution, frees up humanity to no longer be wage slaves to governments or corporations.


  4. SpraxIAKS says:


    Unamerican? Who voted him in? Yup. Who voted the last guy in? Yup. Who votes mainly all the people in who then lobby for their buddies to get in? Yup. Drop the the whole patriot act cause..this country is full of idiots.

  5. SpraxIAKS says:


    Not happening. People vote based on race, religion & political party. The latter being the biggest..and dumbest. Dumb when you watch two people who support both parties throw around names like Neocon & Liberal and accuse the other for the same exact thing that their party is doing. It’s equivalent of who can use enough stupid to knock out the other first.

    Mindsets won’t change. Just got to work from the current generation up.

  6. SpraxIAKS says:

    I love how his name is David Asman. Oh his last name is so spot on.

  7. MOAONAABE says:

    Obama is a rat, give it a name. he wants to protect the illegals while they break into our country, and guarantee that no unemployed black males will ever find work in this country. how could he possibly has any support in the Black community. Blind prostitutes in Kansas City can see what this rat is, why cant the fools who elected him?

  8. TheCow500 says:

    @SpraxIAKS I am not one of those idiots,I voted for ron paul.

  9. SpraxIAKS says:

    GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER! This is done, the game is over, the ship has sunk. Years of spending, wars, corruption, just everything has killed this country. Empires collapse from the inside out, and this empire is collapsing.

    So freak it I say. Have fun arguing, good luck to Ron Paul also. B

  10. TheCow500 says:

    This is not just bad for the demecrats,its obvious that both parties are freakin every thing up to bring in the NWO(if you still dont belive in that,then its time to wake up,this is 2010,time is running out).If we dont vote in people like ron paul,then we dont have a chance,and belive me,by the end of obamas term,we arent going to recongnise this country any more.

  11. Dmeta19 says:

    love ron paul hate obama but fox news is SO bias its ridiculous!

  12. sdfkjllshadflhadfshl says:

    Jamrs Carville must be PISSED at Obama over the gulf to make this poll public. I can’t wait to see him go after him directly.

  13. RamsesReturns says:

    I’d like to know where those 39% have been. Those are the Loyal Lemmings, but their numbers are dwindling. Thank Goodness.

  14. kappy0405 says:

    Bush not a fascist, but Obamas a socialist? Leave it to Fox to defend Bush. *sigh..

    they’re both puppets to the plutocracy. It is a combo of Corporatism and AuthoritarianSocialism.

  15. RamsesReturns says:

    Fox appears biased because all of the other News Networks are so far to the left. I don’t trust Fox, bit I do listen to them from time to time but I also know they will only go so far with information. They will never expose those behind these stations for example.

  16. ACMization says:

    Socialist? Our “wealth” been distributed to the owners of the banks and corporations who recieved billions in bailouts and stimulous money. We the people got the “privilege” of paying their bill. The merger of government and corporations is fascism. AIG? 1600 executives get bonuses in excess of 1 Millon Dollars? While the ass falls off the American worker? WTF.

  17. zachhartwell says:

    @atchisrj1 no child left behind worked wonders for you

  18. tjohn1986 says:

    socialism is not bad but won’t work in u.s. just look at china

  19. esopxe says:

    @atchisrj1 Obama is doing a good job…for bankers, corporations, special interest groups, the military industrial complex and so on.

  20. dmeckle says:

    obama works for wall street….to think anything else is ridiculous.

  21. bobthemadgoat says:


  22. Forlo12345 says:

    @TheGrungeLibertarian Yeah, I cringed a little there too.

  23. abukamoon says:

    And a Socialist is just castrated Communist.

  24. ThreeCatsScratching says:

    @atchisrj1 Is that a procedure covered by ObamaCare?

  25. PatriotWatchUSA says:

    @SpraxIAKS Actually it was black people, progressives and unions. Let us not forget the media. Without the media none of this is possible. “change” to this day no one can define what he meant

  26. RobiMac says:

    That means that 45% of America is still stupid.

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