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On July 10, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

During a live broadcast from Rocco’s Bar in Studio City on Sat 6/19’s Fox News Broadcast, a patron “Brent” from RaceForTheTruth shouts out “Hey America, where’s Barack Obama’s real birth certificate?”

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  1. gabepizza says:

    @PawneeBill47 okay if you believe people taking care of themselves and people have to work for what they have and stop whining for government handouts. What about all this whining from the “birthers”? Obama won the election and now they are making up stupid arguments and excuses because they can’t accept that their side lost. So don’t feel sorry for the poor but also don’t feel sorry for these crazy “birthers” who can’t accept that Obama is their president!

  2. PawneeBill47 says:

    @gabepizza What does supporting yourself have to do with 0bama’s lack of showing us who he is?
    Our side lost? No the COUNTRY lost. Islam won, non Jews won, WE lost in a big way but that son of a bitch is on the fast track out. The sad thing is what he has done to people of color. He was the first and now NO ONE trusts him who has a brain. How arrogant you little pussies are when you win.
    I do not feel “sorry” for them. I AM ONE> Why has he spent millions to hide it?

  3. gabepizza says:

    @PawneeBill47 Islam won…that’s why we are still bombing Afganistan. You really think he is an Muslim plant who wants to destroy this country. You know how crazy that seems? That makes the 9/11 people look sensible. You have been watching too much Hollywood if you really believe that.

  4. scootientherock says:

    @PawneeBill47 Giddyup !

  5. PawneeBill47 says:

    @gabepizza Seriously, are you out of school yet? Have ADD? Where did anyone mention he is a Muslim plant? Whos the crazy one now? I think he sympathizes with them. His momma was a white trash whore who found no American man worth having, his dad was a kenyan radical and his grandparents communists. Not only is he a sympathizer, he’s not sure what HE is but he damned sure doesn’t have America’s best interests at heart.

  6. gabepizza says:

    @PawneeBill47 and you really think that Obama’s policies are than much different than what McCain’s or Hillary’s would have been? Now who’s being naive?

  7. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza Dumbass- if Barack Obama is NOT AN AMERICAN BORN CITIZEN HE CAN’T BE PRESDIENT. It’s got nothing to do with who you voted for it’s got to do with THOSE ARE THE FUCKING REQUIREMENT SET BY THE CONSTITUTION.

    And freak you- he’s not my president.

  8. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza You don’t know enough about his actions to be making judgements if you can’t see the logic in it.

  9. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza Hilary-no. McCain, yes. McCain isn’t the BEST choice, but he’s not insane like the rest of them.

  10. gabepizza says:

    @PhantoMPhreeK92 listen if you’re not even an American don’t discuss American politics with me because you don’t know what’s going on here.

  11. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza Hey dumbshit- I’m from Forney, Texas. That’s AMERICA.

  12. gabepizza says:

    @PhantoMPhreeK92 oh, you said the President of the United States was not your president, so that means you are an unpatriotic traitorous scumbag who should move to another country. If you don’t like it here move to Mexico freaking ungrateful American hating scumbag. You’re no better than Bin Ladin!

  13. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza Yeah, except I actually love America. Which is why I refuse to recognize Barack Obama as my president. The man’s alreayd tripled our deficit, the only jobs he’s created are within the government and his ‘healthcare plan’ means that I have to pay for the freakers who don’t wanna work cause god knows they need healthcare. The fact that they don’t want to work to get it like the rest of us is irrelevat.

  14. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza Wish we had another Reagan for president. THAT man loved America.

  15. gabepizza says:

    @PhantoMPhreeK92 if you refuse to recognize the President who was elected through Democratic means from our Contritution which our the founding fathers wrote and our ancesters died defending means you are not a patriotic American but a traitor. I can’t believe our soldiers are dying oversees to defend ungrateful, American hating people like yourself who insult our leaders. You are no better than Michael more. Move to Russia you freaking commie!

  16. ultimaperuque says:

    Butt-crack BO cheated his way 100%.

    Every time his mouth moves, he lies.

    He was NOT born in America.
    He reminds me of Mussolini, with all his strutting.

    Libtards, yes you did. You screwed us ALL. (including yourselves, you’re just
    too full of yourselves to know it yet)

    Enjoy the VAT tax and Cap and Trade Tax this POS is going to shove down your
    libtard throats.

    You really are a disgrace, LIBtard ASS WIPES.

    You have screwed us SOOO BADDD, I hate your miserable guts.

    Butt-crack GTH

  17. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza Dumbass- if you know what a communist was you could see that our president is one. Actually he’s closer to a socialist. But either way. If you’re so patriotic why don’t you actually learn a thing or two about they way our government works and how much our president is trying to tear us down.
    BTW, it’s ConStitution. You qouting it and you can’t even spell it. No wonder you support Obama. -_-

  18. gabepizza says:

    @PhantoMPhreeK92 whatever-you freaking elitist. You should go teach your civics somewhere else. You know nothing about hard worker patriotic Americans. Go take your unpatriotic, elitist, arugula eating ass to Cuba!

  19. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza Look up these big words before you choke on them. You’re SOOO ignorant. You want to keep lugging insults but you have no idea what they mean.

  20. gabepizza says:

    @PhantoMPhreeK92 listen, maybe may parents didn’t pay for me to get an elite education like you, but I have always worked and taken care of myself. And I don’t need a degree from an elite school to know I love this country and would die defending it, even defending people like you who hate the country, president, and Constitution and all if stands for. But I realize as an American I have to defend the freedom of people like you who burn the flag and insult our president and country. God bless.

  21. PegCity008 says:

    @PhantoMPhreeK92 Reagan didn’t love American he is just as corrupt as the president is today. People need to realize they are enslaving this planet I hope people take this comment seriously. BP oil spill is going to be cataclysmic and they don’t care to stop it, oh by the way companies with trillions of dollars call the shots.

  22. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @PegCity008 That’s freaking hilarious because there have been SEVERAL countries who’ve all trid to come help with the oil spill who’ve been denied ascess by our president. Finalnd was the first. Denied access by the same man who refusesto help with the drug wars in Arizona until they agree to support his bill. If I need to go chase down the link to the newscast I’ll be glad to. Companies with trillions of dollars- you mean like ACORN? lol.

  23. PhantoMPhreeK92 says:

    @gabepizza I’m 17, dumbass. I love the constitution and hate wat’s being done with it by the men who are currently in power. Just because this country is great doesn’t mean it’s safe from tyranny.

    You’re an idiot. I’m from the south. I love America. I don’t burn the flag. You have NO idea what you are tlakign about. You also are defending America without the knowledge of whats going on in your own country.

  24. gabepizza says:

    @PhantoMPhreeK92 I know there are issues with this country but I still think it is the greatest country out there. You should volunteer and try to get involved with politics instead of insulting our elected president. I trust any politician as far as I can throw them yet we are the ones who elected them and they are our leaders. I’m not saying this is a dictatorship and you can’t criticize the president but when you try delegitimize our elected president you insult me and the troops fighting.

  25. cruxto says:

    after a couple beers it dawns on this gentlemen that this is his chance to do something! to say something! and he did. and it was awesome!

  26. Frank M says:

    The reporter covering the bus crash where one died was laughing…
    News 11 sucks ass…

  27. Frank M says:

    News 11 has a reporter who was laughing while reporting on the bus crash…
    that is F___ ed up, as is news 11

  28. LisaT says:

    I really am interested to know what former Obama supporters have to say, but other than the Wayne Allen Root story, I could barely make out what the author of the articles is trying to say. The grammar was THAT bad. I’m not normally a nitpicker about spelling and grammar because I believe it is the gist of the thing that matters, but what in the world? Can’t someone help you with writing these articles?

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