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Nixin Interviews Failed Abortion Survivor: Brandy Lozier

On July 8, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

more:www.myspace.com I interview Brandy Lozier who was aborted by her mother while in her mother’s womb. Fortunately for Brandy the Abortion procedure was unsuccessful and she survived. Brandy spends most of her time now advancing the pro life cause and denouncing politicians who support abortion rights. She is especially critical of Senator Barack Obama who voted several times against a bill known as the “Infants Born Alive Protection act” which would require doctors to give medical attention to babies who are delivered alive after an unsuccessful abortion procedure. In Brandy’s own words “fortunately Barack Obama wasnt in office at the time of my birth, because otherwise I might not be alive today” www.cafepress.com

25 Responses to “Nixin Interviews Failed Abortion Survivor: Brandy Lozier”

  1. DandCProductionzz says:

    GO BRANDI!!!!!

  2. castlepark4life says:

    barrak obama wooooooooooooooooo

  3. mustangabby says:

    WoW.. i cant believe i used to be pro-choice, i used to just ignore everything…. jeez. This world sucks. This world has completely lost all natural affection.

  4. WhyMustYouBeSoStupid says:

    They’re a part of the woman’s body, completely dependant on her. If you don’t get the difference, you’re an idiot.

  5. WhyMustYouBeSoStupid says:

    Yes, they are, sweetie.

  6. thumbsdownman says:

    At 0:27, Brandy says that the attempted abortion took place at”4 and a half months gestational age”. That made her ~19 weeks, 4 days old when she survived.

    The only problem with that, is that it makes her about 2 weeks more premature than the James Elgin Gill, the earliest premature baby. There’s no documentation to support Brandy’s claim of being the earliest birth.

    I realize this doesn’t discredit the pro-life position or anything, but she must be either mistaken or lying, correct?

  7. 92359hg says:

    …….. my right to free “choice” dictated by social norms kept me in denial of the most grievous act I have committed in my life …. for me it was a “bad” choice … no where to go nowhere to grieve … after all my “baby” was not a person as defined by the “law” at the time … and even less so because of his fathers race … I bought “free choice” 30 years later I am finally able to grieve what society enabled me to deny … bless you Sweet Brandi … I wish my son would have survived

  8. MusicalFreakGurl says:

    Maybe she looks and sounds that way because of the abortion! Hello!! And she is rambling on an on cause she is angry as I would be if I were her!

  9. MusicalFreakGurl says:

    I don’t actually agree with you on that cause abortion is abortion! If your baby was alive when you had it done then it IS termed abortion not TERMINATION! SORRY!

  10. Nixin1 says:

    now I am figuring that you are being sarcastic…but unfortunately there are people (their called liberals) who feel this way!

  11. Nixin1 says:

    that is such a close minded view, I mean that is like saying that “the sky is blue, that is a fact” I mean in our progressive society we may choose to not accept that the sky is blue, I mean that is a Eurocentric/Racist and outdated way of looking at things…since dogs are colorblind and cant see the sky as blue we humans should be sensitive to “Mother Earth” and allow people to think that the sky is yellow or whatever color they prefer, because forcing them to conform to our worldview is wrong

  12. Nixin1 says:

    do you know who Joseph Goebbels is? (figuring that you are a liberal and he is an important figure in world history, I am going to guess that you dont) well anyway you just made a comment that he made word for word during the 1940’s while planning out “the Final Solution” in which German citizens who possessed “undesirable traits” such as physical disabilities, low intelligence, or impure racial makeup were to be “Aborted” or “exterminated”

  13. Marlowann says:

    Barack Obama needs to be personally schooled by this blessed woman.

  14. CCPnoob says:

    Poster is an ace idiot.

  15. starsandbarsforever says:

    life starts as soon as those 2 little cells combine. come on people you all know which cells i am talking about. in the scientific world amino acid combine to make protein. a single “living” cell. i say “living” because this is what the scientific world calls it. so if this soup is called a life by the experts, why is it so hard to call those dividing cells in a womans uterus a life? only until it reaches a certain month then it is a life. bullshit.life is when it is 2 cells as soon as they join

  16. WizardlyWakish says:

    Nope, Obama is perfectly fine and so is abortion

  17. eviltreemonster says:

    Liberals and atheists are all baby killers.

  18. AaronShaunBrennan says:

    Obamas a shit head!

  19. soniasonia says:

    dont take your problems out on everyone else. take it out on your mother. Brandy also sounds mentally retarded. Acting like some kind of victim.

  20. stopbabykilling says:

    I think Brandy is wonderful And it just goes to show that even ppl born into a bad situation can become an amazing asset to our society:)

  21. imdamama1 says:

    An amazing woman with an even more amazing story to tell. Why not put her on CNN and let her express her opinion!

  22. Nixin1 says:

    “acting like some kind of victim?” you didnt really just say that did you? you think at 5 months old she asked to have saline injected into her Mom’s womb (her home at the time) in order to suffocate her to death??? yeah she brought all of that on her own?!?

  23. Nixin1 says:

    o.k. so you are saying its a “woman’s choice” but what if the baby in the womb is female? than what about that woman’s choice? out of these two women whos choice over rides the other’s does it go by senority like at work? because in emergancy situations Women and Children come first, in this formula a child who happens to be a woman would come before male children and adult Women!?! So if that is the criteria we follow the babies choice should be the final one (if its a female of course!) LMFAO!

  24. toddvanek29 says:

    the only abortion im against is like if a women get inpregnated by rape and if you cant afford a baby get your shit tied off

  25. hardcorezombi says:

    Who cares.

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