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With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions … www.nytimes.com

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No Response » to “Savage: Obama Goes Rogue; Becomes Defacto Dictator, Bypasses Congress to push Socialist Agenda”

  1. Decimator334 says:

    You have a knack for empty insults don’t you?

  2. KingDingaLing090 says:


  3. jjwrom says:

    Great now Savage thinks he is a profit. He is entertaining but now he predicts the future with divine powers!

  4. luke94123 says:

    Its time to stand up and claim Amnesty Now!!!

  5. ConservativeEyes says:

    The real problem with the far left is called “mental constipation.” Too much crap in the colon due to poor diet has caused the brain to malfunction resulting in mental constipation. For a good hard stool may I suggest dried prunes. Prunes have been clinically prooven to secrete all the crap from the colon that has resulted in brain malfunction. Prune juice is also equally effective for serious constipation. So for all the liberals out there; for a good hard stool, feast on prunes, bon appetit.

  6. ConservativeEyes says:

    And the Moslims like you are the terrorists without. Like sura 9:29,30; 3:85; 4:34, and a ton more suras. Alahu Akbar. Long live Mohammad the leader of the terrorists who has taught Moslims to decapitate innocent people, cut of womens clitoris, fly planes into buildings, beat the shit out of women, and whom ever doesn’t convert to Islam is an infidel and must be decapitated. Alahu Akbar, long live the child molester Mohammad who had sex with Aisha when she was only 9 years old. Yes, Alahu-Akbar

  7. RebelStangII says:

    sieg hiel, osamabama? HELL NO!
    he might want to. But American Patriots,
    Wont stand for it!
    liberalism, is a mental disorder!
    It’s a Savage Nation!

  8. Grendo147 says:

    I had sex with Obama in 1981. To be honest, we were both so coked out we didn’t know penis from vagina at the time. The thing that pissed me off was that he wouldn’t ever speak to me again? I guess I was his only guy? Anyway, I won’t say anything other then in places like this where I won’t be believed because I really did like him. I don’t just get loose like that with anyone, you know. Oh, the early 80’s when you come up with yeyo and down with a lude, when obama was a man, a man on my dude

  9. steamidjf says:

    Savage is a profit, and he actually makes great prophets selling his books…

  10. agentmusti says:

    Did anyone else missed Bush and Cheney!!!! At least they were honest about the intentions….In the other hand…this whack job is a fraud….well at least I can say, I never voted for him to begin with.

  11. ProximitySymbol says:

    I believe at this stage of the game, no one in their right mind trusts this baboon, with the exception of other baboons of course. I’ve never considered him any President. Right now America is in limbo. We are waiting for an actual leader to throw this phony loquacious nigger off a steep cliff. Bye, Bye Barry Huessin

  12. rollsthepaul says:

    The USA is going down, regardless of how you slice and dice it.

  13. starVol says:

    This Obamer Guy could have never been elected without the help of the Obamer state run media. The American people fell for this Obamer Guy. Even though Michael Savage and other radio talk shows tried desperately to inform us what this Obamer Guy would try and do once this Obamer got power.

  14. MishuTaste says:

    Michael Savage has an inflated ego. This guy thinks it’s up to him to warn the public. If the public was intelligent and enjoyed the liberty granted by Americans who fought and died for it, they wouldn’t need a prophet. They would simply vote for those who would preserve liberty. The fact that Barack Obama was elected means that there are a great number of Americans who will gleefully embrace big government policies. These people are not listening to the Michael Savage show.

  15. MishuTaste says:

    @MishuTaste I believe that the only way you can save a die hard Pres. Obama supporter is to let the government policies come to fruition. Let’s see how they like having a 50% income tax to pay for universal health care. Let’s see how they react to losing their jobs because of higher business taxes and environmental mandates. Let the utility bills go up. Give the majority exactly what they want and only then will they realize the cost of big government!

  16. mcnabj says:

    obama sucks cock

  17. AngryAgain says:

    @MishuTaste no they r not but there’s nothing wrong with having Savage out there doing this

  18. ComprimisedXInsanity says:

    Not my president.

  19. TrueWan07 says:

    This guy fails, I feel sad for those who will give me thumbs down disagreeing with me. I agree that o’bama ISNT the best president, (actually far from it). But this guy LOL

    “I am a prophet!” More like a profit.

  20. Aprilmax010 says:

    I am not a Savage fan, but what he says in true.

    Obama is restricing water to the farmers here in CA by putting envirmental concerns ahead of peoples concerns.

    The USDA and farming are under attack.

    It is said that Obama is to ban sports fishing,

  21. denniss265 says:

    @Aprilmax010- I missed you.

  22. kingneddy says:

    this guy savage says the nwo is just fake conspiracy theory?am i right? im sure i heard him say it before? but everything he is talking about in this vid is exactly what the nwo is… the nwo is socialist. mystery babylon in the bible is the new world order. 911 was an inside job.

  23. dominicvdp says:

    Thank God there are still some who can think clearly and see are not afraid to speak out. What a humiliation to have a president like Obama.

  24. LesPaulCustom79 says:

    I can’t wait for the big eared moron to be voted OUT OF OFFICE and go back to corrupt Chicago where he belongs.

  25. LesPaulCustom79 says:

    The Obama-rama-lama socialist train is about to be derailed.

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