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Obama Repeats False Claim Abortions Haven’t Declined Under Bush / Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video. During the presidential forum on Saturday night, pro-abortion presidential candidate Barack Obama repeated the erroneous claim that abortions have not declined under President Bush. The idea behind is the claim is to make it appear that pro-life policies don’t reduce abortions. During a discussion of abortion, Obama declared his support for the Roe v. Wade decision that allowed virtually unlimited abortions. Following his statement, he made the attack on President Bush’s pro-life policies. “The fact is that — although we have a president who is opposed to abortion over the last eight years — abortions have not gone down,” Obama said. Yet that claim doesn’t square with the latest national abortion numbers put forward by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a research firm associated with Planned Parenthood, the abortion business that has endorsed Obama. In January, AGI reported that the number of abortions nationwide have fallen to their lowest point in 30 years and have declined 25 percent since 1990 — with half of that time period coming under pro-life presidents. The number of abortions are now at their lowest point since 1.179 million in 1976, AGI said. Meanwhile, research from a nonpartisan political watchdog group finds the claim false when compared with national and state abortion statistics. The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania says that

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  1. Jenn807 says:

    Any institution that promises to pay for college in a world of ever rising tuition costs, along with all the sign on bonuses and salary increases that have been added in the past few years, is going to draw people no matter what the costs. I dont know what type of family you come from, but mine is very poor, and I know very well how the promise of high wages can draw people to dangerous occupations like flies to a bug light.

  2. Jenn807 says:

    Ex: that high paid coal mining job, might sound good to my cousin now, but thats only because the money is enough to temporarily ease his anxieties about the inevitability of black lung. College money and sign on bonuses have lured several young men from my graduating class to their deaths in Iraq too. Add the perks to the fact that the media & Bush Administration so glorified the war and demonized Muslims and Iraq, and we get a great big misinformed public to draw new recruits from.

  3. Jenn807 says:

    The idea of making all that money WHILE fighting for freedom is pretty hard for some to resist. Its sad how many have died thinking they were fighting for a cause more worthy than filling the bank accounts of oil executives.

  4. Jenn807 says:

    One other thing…Who said anything about premarital sex? And its unclear whose inconsistencies, selfishness and irresponsibility you are talking about. Im not against pre-marital sex, Im just against people having sex irresponsibly (unprotected and unready to accept the possible consequences) and then selfishly using abortion as a quick fix. Abortion is unnecessary. Dont want a baby? Dont make one.

  5. Jenn807 says:

    And because I can see this coming from one person or another: It is impossible for me to include cases of rape and mothers with high risk pregnancies into my views on abortion. These are special circumstances that need to be evaluated on a case by case basis and there is cut and dry, right or wrong judgment to be made about them in general.

  6. Jenn807 says:

    Typo. I meant “no cut and dry, right or wrong judgment to be made…”

  7. LivingGodsWay says:

    In 2002, Obama was the only one that voted against providing aide to abortion survivors. Now he calls anyone who quotes him a “liar”. Search YouTube video for “watch?v=ttF8s5XGVDw”

    How do you properly describe a lawmaker who would condemn the child survivor of an abortion by permitting doctors to refuse that child, once born alive, potentially life-saving medical treatment and nutrition?

    A number of things come to mind. Mr. President isn’t one of them.

    McCain-Palin “COUNTRY FIRST”

  8. slim29205 says:

    Bush waits until they grow up then kills them.

  9. JPPT1974 says:

    Well glad that abortions are now low. Remember after the Roe Vs Wade thing that they were at it’s highest in the late seventies and eighties?!

  10. whitedane says:

    Not only would he promote docters to refuse medical care to those poor children, he would bann it. He has stated he wouldn’t wish to put undue stress on the woman by questioning her first choice, killing her child. Docters would not be able to help, even if they wished. That is disturbing and sad.

  11. whitedane says:

    How is it unfair? The military isnt always at war(although since 9/11 and Iraq ppl joining the military is at its highest in history). They do give good educations, they wnat smart ppl in the military, and yes, everyone who joins knows exactly what they may do and what might happen to them. The military is VERY clear on that. Those who sign up know and accept what they are doing. For you to try to say they were tricked by benifits for low-income takes away from the sacrifice those ppl give.

  12. whitedane says:

    If you dont want to join the military, dont. So you were poor, I bet you wanted a good education, did you join the miliary? No, so why do you think those who join dont really want to? Ppl become underwater welders, very dangerous, ppl choose many occupations, you know nothing about the military, your just repeating left montra. Noon is forced into military service. No draft anymore. Stop trying to minimize what these ppl do for us.

  13. LetsThinkStraight says:

    Obama wrongly claims that nothing changes with a prolife president. Consumed with a major war on terrorism for almost all of his 2 terms, Pres Bush was able to overturn the partial birth abortion bill. Most of us can’t conceive how paganistic this procedure is; to wait until the baby is being delivered, then hold it in the birth canal, puncture the skull and suck out the brains! How has America sunk so low? Clinton vetoed overturning the bill twice. BO voted 3 times to withhold aid to survivors.

  14. LetsThinkStraight says:

    For years, the Democrat platform has been one of pro-choice; let’s call it what it is, pro-murder.

    The Republican platform is strongly pro-life.

    As long as there is one Democrat in office, they will be fighting for killing babies. Once something becomes law (Roe v Wade), it’s almost impossible to overturn it. But with a Repulican president and congress, something meaningful could be done.

    As a Christian, I believe that God holds me accountable for my vote.

    McCain-Palin “4 LIFE”

  15. LetsThinkStraight says:


    Right on. The ones being tricked are the Obama drones who are being tricked out of their votes. They can’t see how much he has harmed the country as a senator. They won’t let themselves think about his part in the Freddie/Fannnie economic problems we are facing; why he socializes with terrorists, muslims, communists, etc.; why he wont produce a valid birth certificate; why both colleges are hiding his transcripts; why a muslim got him into college, preparing him to be pres. SCARY!

  16. LetsThinkStraight says:

    Just noticed that some people early on talked about 3rd party candidates such as
    Ron Paul. While he or others may be good people, even good politicians, THEY WILL NOT WIN.

    We have been a nation for over 230 years, and for over 150, the president has been Republican or Democrat.

    There are times to take a stand, but this isn’t it. All you do is water down the conservative vote.


    God raised up McCain-Palin for 2008!

    Stand for life.

  17. GlobalWarmingNotReal says:

    it’s scary how honest obama looks and sounds when he lies. he’s a pro…not good.

  18. MargaritaR1314 says:

    obama is a lying fraud! listen to the crap coming out of his mouth! they r like dog crap coated in honey and making it sound good…it is MURDER! hell no is the abortion rate low! every year there r at least 10 million abortions!

  19. floydianworld says:

    “hell no is the abortion rate low! every year there r at least 10 million abortions!”

    That is the TRUTH!

  20. andrewh23 says:

    If god raised up McCain-Palin 2008, how did they lose so utterly and completely. It wasn’t even close. I think god could have picked a smarter woman with more experience or a man with a less creepy, disingenuous smile.

  21. Sweetlove391 says:

    I can’t agree with you more. Even though McCain didn’t win I was accountable for voting for righteousness and I am proud of my decision. God Bless you friend. You are on the right track.

  22. MaHaRushie says:

    Thanks for setting the record straight.

    I didn’t agree with Bush on a lot of things. But he did some good things in defense of life.

    Let’s at least keep obama at bay for another 3.5 years. then maybe get another good pro-life president in there.

  23. rockygreenmountains says:

    Hmmmm. Hello……who is the President NOW???? Let it o; it’s on your clock….tic tic tic

  24. Mesheekah says:

    If RePubs are so against abortion WHY haven’t they done anyting about it?? They had 8 years! No one likes abortion. U R right the abortion rate has only decreased a little BUT WHAT ABOUT all the babies that are ALIVE We have the highest INFANT MORTATLITY RATE there is only one country under us. 2 million NEWBORNS DIE EVERY YEAR w/ in the first 24 hours of birth from poverty & not having health care-that is something we can work together on & make a difference. they use abortion to divide us

  25. MaHaRushie says:

    I don’t buy your 2 million per year statistic. Its bogus.

    Your trying to use Pro-lifer’s concern for human life to support a socialist policy. Very low.

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