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Obama Birth Certificates are REAL – SHUT UP ALREADY!

On May 25, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

Watch more at www.theyoungturks.com.

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  1. derekblueeyes says:

    Notice the DATE of the Signature!!! HA!!! June 6, 2007. Was THIS the date that Obama was BORN!!!!?????

    O M G!!!! The LENGTH they will go to … to produce MULTIPLE FAKES!!!!


  2. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    It was the date that specific copy was *certified*. The Seal and stamped signature of the Registrar means that the Hawaii State Dept of Health is certifying that the information contained on the document is true. The DOH went paperless in 2001. The vital records are now in an electronic database. They printed it using the data in the database, then certified it. Welcome to the digital age.
    Really, how stupid are you??


    the host of this show is a douchebag that sucks obamas balls because the rest of the media is doing it too!

  4. Mayhem84 says:

    This just in Michelle Obama admits that Obama is KENYAN!


  5. leonzr1 says:

    @Mayhem84 get this MF outa the white house

  6. theladyboo says:

    he presented a COPY

  7. mrjeronimo says:

    My birth certificate doesn’t look like that. It has the Dr.’s name, nurses names, height, weight, hospital, time of day, foot prints, etc, etc….. How come his doesn’t. Thats because he’s a fraud! why else would he he have all vital records locked up! He’s spent millions to keep to keep them from being released.

  8. AlexGudesblat says:

    Never mind the birth certificate. Where’s the impeachment act?

  9. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    The birth certificate that Obama has shown is a State issued, Certified, official birth certificate that is the standard issue from the Hawaii Dept of Health. The Dept went paperless 9 years ago and all records were converted to electronic form. Welcome to the digital age. Where did you get that ridiculous figure from (millions)?? You made it up, didn’t you?

  10. mrjeronimo says:

    Since your too lazy to look it up yourself, here it is. The amount is now over $1.9 million. That’s a lot of money to not be hiding anything.

    The political action committee ‘Obama for America’ paid $1,066,691.90 to the Perkins Coie law firm between Oct.16, 2008 and March 30, 2009, to fight every request to release Obama’s original birth records

  11. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    Not lazy at all. You stated something as fact. I simply wanted some evidence.
    The figures you quoted were published by the FEC and represent totals paid for legal fees related to the campaign, election and transition. It in no way reflects fees solely for hiding his birth records. The original is protected by HRS 338-18 (privacy). That hasnt cost Obama a dime. The lawsuits were dismissed which would be minimal cost.

  12. savannah505 says:

    What? Are you stupid? How gullible can you be that you think they don’t have people to cover this up, or the ability to make it all look real and valid. Your too much of a moron to do this show. Wonder who you voted for?

  13. chwadazat says:

    why is so much money being spent on keeping the original birth certificate suppressed?

  14. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    Just how much has been “spent”? Hawaii has privcay laws (HRS 338-18), that doesn’t cost a dime.

  15. chwadazat says:

    1.4 million dollars. The USA supreme court will get to the bottom of it.

  16. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    Where is that figure from? The Supreme Court already got to the bottom of it when Chief Justice Roberts swore him in. Twice.

  17. chwadazat says:

    No, the Lakin case will decide.

  18. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    Since you evaded citing a source for the “1.4 million dollars”, I assume you made it up?
    Re: The Lakin case.. They will read the charges. They will ask how he pleads. They will find him guilty of disobeying an order from a superior. They will sentence him. No military judge is going to say that it is necessary to have the Presidents birth certificate in order to prove that Lakin is guilty as charged. He will be dishonorably discharged.

  19. chwadazat says:

    you will be proven corrupt. You will weep.

  20. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    I’m not on trial. An alternative scenario…. the defense asks for Obama’s birth certificate. Obama’s lawyer presents the exact same green COLB that everyone has seen. The court accepts it as legal and valid. Lakin gets dishonorably discharged.

  21. ekimadams says:

    @arrrogantlyignorant ARRROGANT, do you think that the natural born citizen clause should be abolished?

  22. powndpuppy says:

    Sorry, dude, you’re dumb as dirt and you’re showing it here.
    1.) That is NOT a “birth certificate” That is a “Certification of live birth” (COLB) & could be gotten by anybody claiming to have been born in Hi. at that time.
    2.) The newspaper mention was generated automatically based upon the issuance of that document.
    3.) Neither hospital claims him
    4.) Barry didn’t put this on the internet, Daily Kos did, THEN barry’s site posted it
    You sure didn’t do your homework, clown boy

  23. arrrogantlyignorant says:


    That is an official birth certificate. Its been the only type that Hawaii has issued since 2001. If you’re from Hawaii and you order a copy of your birth certificate, that is what they give you. Hawaii is not a birth certificate “mill”. They will not issue birth certificates saying you born there if you weren’t.
    Where is your evidence that “anybody” could get one “at that time” by simply claiming they were born there?

  24. DerrenBrown100 says:

    @whyme32118 Fuck off!! Racist bastard

  25. whyme32118 says:

    @DerrenBrown100 Precisely what did I write that is “racist”? I’d like to read my own “racist” comments.

  26. kismetique says:

    Brown, are you one of those that think the president is black? Aren’t you forgetting that he is 50% white? So, if whyme is white, could it be that he is only 50% a racist? Do you see how your argument doesn’t make any sense?

    On the COLB issue – it might have been filed with Hawaii DOH in August of 1961, but it has YET to be accepted by the registrar, which is an important piece of info that the Obama regime has seemingly glossed over.

    It ain’t real until it is ACCEPTED by the registrar – go look again and see if you see ACCEPTED on that COLB, or do you only see the word FILED?

  27. jai says:

    Obama posted a CertificaTION of Live Birth, not a CertifiCATE of Live Birth or a Birth Certificate.

    A CertificaTION of Live Birth was issued to parents of children who were residents of Hawaii, but whose child was born outside the U.S.

    To have a CertificaTION of Live Birth is NOT evidence of U.S. birth. In fact, it is evidence to the contrary since it was issued only those born outside the U.S.

    Those who observed what Obama posted as a Birth Certificate were not reading or understanding correctly.

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