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Ron Paul : Obama Is A Corporatist Not A Socialist!

On May 4, 2010, in Video, by FormerObamaSupporters

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No Response » to “Ron Paul : Obama Is A Corporatist Not A Socialist!”

  1. marypoppins2009 says:

    Government is the problem!!!!

  2. Prohumani says:

    2012 you win

  3. TheLiberalssuckdick says:

    Obama in his own words said that the PRIVATE SECTOR IS THE ENEMY.

  4. alaskablows says:

    IF Ron Paul is elected the Democratic party will surely attempt to kill him, They killed the last legitimate President we had JFK!!

  5. itsthecurrencystupid says:

    @alaskablows Many democrats support Ron Paul…

  6. BMWg84 says:

    Paul (the individual) will not save you. His ideas are more profound than him sitting as president – so do not hold your breath. It is up to all of us to spread the word and inform others of the truth and reality of our current situation. Wake up America!!

  7. katey1dog says:

    I don’t think the definition for socialism is at all correct Dr. Paul. You have just defined what COMMUNISM is. Socialism is not the total ownership of property by the government. Socialism ALLOWS for capitalism to exist for the express reason of prosperity and taxation.

  8. katey1dog says:

    I’m still in full support of a SINGLE-PAYER healthcare system. Why? Because medicine must be charitable, not profitable. Death panels are existent within private insurance companies. THEY DENY CARE TO THE DYING TO SAVE ON COST AND TO RAISE PROFIT!

  9. chopshec2 says:

    @itsthecurrencystupid This Democrat does as well

  10. JonnieDarko69 says:

    @katey1dog Someones been watching too much Micheal Moore. What about the insurance companies that save lives? Or the insurance companies that sacrifice profit to provide health care? Its a fact that Insurance companies only have a 3% profit margin, while other industries exceed this. Of course there are bad people in the insurance companies, but there are bad people working at McDonalds.

  11. supercoveted says:

    I dont think we can wait for 2012 to elect RON PAUL We NEED him NOW

  12. katey1dog says:

    @JonnieDarko69 Sorry pal. But when there are people that pay their monthy tab to fully ensure their medical care and are DENIED said care in the name of profit…

    That is when I believe in SINGLE-PAYER. It works.

  13. JonnieDarko69 says:

    @katey1dog That sux and it shouldn’t be tolerated, but thats just rhetoric. Not fact. There are some people that get denied, but can you show me some statistics (not Micheal Moore bullshit) on it? By transferring this power to the government you will be seeing more people being denied coverage. Medicare denies more people coverage than insurance companies. Do you really want the biggest denier of service providing for everyone and eliminating market competition?

  14. katey1dog says:


    That sux and it shouldn’t be tolerated, but thats just rhetoric. Not fact.

    There are some people that get denied,

    You just destroyed your argument. By saying that it “sucks,” “not fact,” and then remarking that “some get denied,” you are acknowledging that my perspective is correct.

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