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1st amendment where are you? I know you are out there some where or is David Manning lying? what do you think?

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No Response » to “Lou Dobbs, Google, Youtube, James David Manning, & Barack Obama's Birth Certificate”

  1. TheMadronas says:

    Preachers like you who will not use strong language are a big part of the problem in Amerika.

  2. DigitalPraise7 says:

    The main point of this David Manning is that he misrepresents Jesus Christ by saying Our Savior hates Obama. Really? John 3:16 says that this ain’t so. I do not agree with Obama either, but marring the Character of Jesus trumps the issue of Obama’s birth certificate.

  3. jellyrcw11 says:

    @parallelsdumaurier Excuse me if i may, but you are dead wrong on sonethings. 1. I do know we landed on the moon. 2. There are thousands of sites and reasons why 9/11 had someone in the government helping. I suggest you look at Jesus-is-savior site about 9/11 to get some good info. 3. fascist hater Christians are words that don’t go together, an oxymoron.

  4. Lisa5kids says:

    Remember that in the bible God gives the authority to people in charge. Saul is an example. He was a horrible king and David had the opportunity to kill him twice and take the throne but he waited for Gods timing. We need to pray for our leaders, as wrong as they might be

  5. shequestor1 says:

    Now Obama, “What about that birth certificate?” Oh yeah, “Why do you have 39
    social security numbers? Not one from HI.

  6. kennethrobinson123 says:

    Why don’t you get a real hair cut like a man.

  7. jessewoodrow says:

    like a man huh? and what kind of Haircut do I have and what kind of a hair cut is a man’s? hahah

  8. kennethrobinson123 says:

    @jessewoodrow That hair cut looks like a rats nest. I like what your saying but how can people take you serious looking like that. Some people might think your kool not me. Would you go ask for a $300,000 job trying to look all business like with that hair cut. Have some pride and respect in yourself. You look a lot like Don King. You know what a mans cut is, Keep up the good work.

  9. jessewoodrow says:

    the answer to your ? about 300,000 is a YES. In fact I have made much more than that with this haircut. Sorry to prove you wrong. by the way… I would give my right arm to see what your haircut looks like. I am guessing that it very fashionable right? or is it plain JANE hahaha

  10. kennethrobinson123 says:

    @jessewoodrow Why are you on Youtube if you are making all this money why here and not in a newsroom say maybe FOX. I don’t think FOX would let you on the air with that Don King hair cut. And I don’t think you ever made $300,000, more like $30,000. But I do think your doing a good job here on Youtube Don.

  11. jessewoodrow says:

    I now understand you might not be aware… I am an actor and I have a nationally syndicated radio show. These are my video podcasts. I do not do these just for YOUTUBE. about 1/4 of what we do gets posted here. So when you say why are you on YOUTUBE. I am on here like everyone else is on here… to get the TRUTH out. About FOX… I doubt very highly that they would allow me to be on their network because I criticize what they do. I am not in the “worship FOX NEWS” crowd.

  12. kennethrobinson123 says:

    There are two thing you said got my attention. First is radio, your audience can’t see the hair cut, second thing you being a actor you might want to broaden your protagonist and reach a larger audience by cleaning yourself up a bit, maybe a real hair cut. What do you think. I know being a rock producer is hard but I don’t think the girls are beating your door down. Maybe your boyfriend likes your cut. When was the last time you acted. This is just my opinion. Paul H. said GOODDAY

  13. jessewoodrow says:

    thanks for your input. have a wonderful night.

  14. cyndrellian says:

    I think he should let it grow out even longer and put some dreads in it. But then again I’m not a self righteous A hole who judges people for their looks. I think most typical christians don’t judge either for what’s on the outside. Or should I say true ones.

  15. killryn says:

    @kennethrobinson so what! why are u sucha freak? people are such haters, who gives a FUCK u douchebag! Now STFU i have to write an important email to google…

    Dear Google,

    Hi, i just wanted to say that I would like a new tax reform on property tax like Texas. if u could also bring me a new car and take me off ur spy list, I promise I wont talk behind ur back ever again!

    Also Google, when is the best time to come by to lake forest office to play a little B-Ball? I’d like to shoot some ideas!

  16. ugha323a says:

    He knows how to talk to his OWN people.
    You would not use these terms because you would be called a racist, and your life would be over.
    He has no B.C.

  17. jeroel says:

    great video…these bozo morons who talk more about your haircut than the facts are mentally challenged

  18. Anett7373 says:

    It’s irrelevant that Pastor manning uses demeaning phrases like long legged mack daddy- or whatever. Pastor Manning is harrassed and has been threatened by the gov’t on behalf of o. They have sent Goon squads out to quiet him. YES – your understanding is 100 % clear and on the money – both Lou Dobbs and Pastor manning are demanding PROOF of a usa birth certificate and there isnt one, and the goon squads and the media are blacklisting manning + dobbs the way they do in totalitarian regimes!

  19. Useyno says:

    It’s funny how that the same people who believe Barack Obama are not a U.S. citizen are the same one’s who who think black folks should go back to Africa completely.Some where a gang of KKK’s and Arian Nation’s have big smiles on there faces.

  20. 1940jan says:

    Manning is the pastor of a church he started and has a PhD he granted himself from his unaccredited college and is also a convicted felon that spent many years in prison. He’s a huckster.
    Obama has shown his COLB in several locations. Try to stay up to date.

  21. JazzyJofLA says:

    Well, since you asked, at the rate things are going there will be no more ammendments period because there will be no more constitution. So much has happened already to let us know that these things are slowly being taken away from us. Birth certificate-too secretive, something is wrong. Group meeting where in L.A….>>:-)

  22. JazzyJofLA says:

    @1940jan What was he convicted for?

  23. JazzyJofLA says:

    @1940jan Sorry if this is a repeat. It didn’t seem to post the first time, but what was he convicted of?

  24. 1940jan says:

    @JazzyJofLA As a younger man, Manning burgled homes, mostly on Long Island. He spent about three and a half years in prison in New York and Florida for burglary, robbery, larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and other charges before his release in 1978.

  25. JazzyJofLA says:

    @1940jan Thanks for replying.

  26. Jan says:

    The birth certificate is a smoke screen.
    According to the Constitution, no person with a dual citizenship is eligible to be President of the United States.
    His father was a Kenyan (British Subject), his mother American. I don’t care where obama was born, he has dual citizenships and therefore is not eligible.
    At the time of obama’s birth his father was British. In the UK the citizenship of the child is passed through the father, therefore at birth obama was British.

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